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Alaskan Malamute Information

Alys and Lionel puppies Born
Available to go home!
3 BOYS available


Full Blooded Malamute
Puppies will not be registered
Price $672.00 No Breeding rights
Life Time Paid Microchip included

Deposit $300.00 non-refundable

Ora and Thunder






Past Sire Bowen

Coming soon

Saint Bernards



Past Photo's


Sassie                                     Nessie

Bigger Baby Jude

"BABY JUDE" 3-28-10

"SASSIE" AND "NESSIE" walking each other

Past Babies





Saint Bernards are imposing in size but display a mellow and benevolent
demeanor and are excellent with children and other animals. 

AKC recognized in 1885 they Range in size from
251/2 to 271/2 inches tall
at the shoulder and 130 to 180 pounds.  Their coats can be long or short
and range in color from deep brown to brown-yellow.
White markings are required.

They have a protective natural instinct and make excellent watchdogs.
 They are sensible, loving, and
enjoy being with their family. 
The Saint Bernard should be socialized at an
early age while they are small.
They have a strong desire to please their owner and will respond
best to gentle, patient, firm, and consistent training.

The Saint Bernard requires a moderate amount of outdoor exercise.
They enjoy daily walks and play sessions.
They are suitable for apartment living provided they are given frequent walks.
They will enjoy a yard of any size but for safety it should be fenced.

Saint Bernards are a very ancient breed that
was founded in AD 980.
The most popular use of these gentle giants is
in the area of search and rescue.
Saint Bernards uncanny ability to sense imminent danger, coupled with
their heightened abilities of smell and direction,
make this breed a useful and
trustworthy worker and companion.




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