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Deuce carting Christmas 2010

Deuce arriving in CA 9-2009

Christmas 2009 Larry Cole and Dakota with Deuce

Larry and Cole with Deuce ~ CA
(Annie and Kramer 9-2009 litter)

Hi, We wanted to give you an update on Kela. 
She is doing great she just went to the vet at 16 weeks and weighs 36 pounds.
Everyone loves her and says she has a great personality!!
She definitly keeps us busy and she loves to play and follow around
Mackenzie and Nicholas!   It's so cute,
she is getting so big so fast, we will keep you updated on her for sure!!
  We are so happy with our new addition!!!! 
Thank you so much!  We love her! 
~ Kara, Mike, Mackenzie and Nicholas

Hi Stephanie & Len,
                  We wanted to give you an update on Dixie.
The vet is very pleased with her progress and made a point of saying
how polite and well-behaved she is!
She weighed around 42 pounds
when we took her to the vet at 17 weeks.
                  She is a super sweet and laid back puppy who is learning
all of the obedience commands very quickly,
and she has yet to chew up anything she's not supposed to.
We couldn't be happier with her.
I've attached a few pictures here for you.
Leslie and Andy ~ MI


(Annie and Kramer litter 2009)

               Just wanted to give you a follow-up about Bentley.
He has adjusted well to his new home!!
He and Gracie are inseperable!! Whenever she get ups, so does he.
               They play together like they were siblings from the same litter.
He is getting soooo big and has almost caught up with Gracie.
If I can find the video, I will send it to you.
               It was taken when we took the "kids" to the park and a strange
little boy wanted to play with them. It is hilarious!! Thanks,


(Annie and Kramer Litter 2009)

Hi Stephanie! 
Well it has been 5 days and things are going great.  
Bella and Zoe are getting along great! 
They love playing together and it is soooooo cute.  
Zoe was crying a little bit ago and I couldn't help, but Bella went and laid down
by her and she instantly stopped and went straight to sleep. 
It was very sweet!!! 
Her first vet visit went well and I found out that she weighs 30 lbs. 
She doesn't look that big.  It is so fun to watch Zoe stalk and pounce on Bella and
then Bella just rolls with her...and they love to chase each other around. 
We are soooo happy to have Zoe join our family.  Tonya


(Slider ~ Farra And Tusk Feb. 2008 Litter)

I just took that picture about an hour ago. He is out on his chair
lounging by the pool!  He now going on 1 1/2 years old and weighs about 125lbs.

Kevin ~ Toledo, OH


                     Hi Stephanie,

                     With Harlow approching her 1st birthday I thought I'd send you a new picture of her.
                    She has definately grown up to be a "big" girl. She is weighing in around 100lbs.
                    and has already grown taller than the 4yr. old newfie down the road.
                    She is a riot, her personality is very unique...and she is the most well behaved
                    animal I've ever had.  At 1 yr. old she is protective of the children and makes sure
                    they stay in line. For example, Jimmy the 5 yr. old tends
                    to walk/run ahead of us to where I have to yell for him to wait up and slow down.
                    Harlow catches up with Jimmy every time gets in front of him and
                    keeps him from going further, then she won't move until I catch up. I love that!
                    Hope you are enjoying your summer, good luck with your upcoming litters. 
                    Melissa - Cortland, IL


Molly is...a Colts fan!
Molly and dog family

Molly with Charlie Dog and Tyler
Molly and Cory                                 Checking out the Pool!        
MOLLY and her new family ~ Indiana

Stephanie,   Just thought I'd send an update.  Twink is everything I was hoping for!
Her "formal" name is Twinkle Toes of Tusk's Affaire.
She's sleeping thru the night and pretty much housebroken.
She's full of energy and makes me laugh!
Sometimes I believe she thinks she's a kangaroo because when I turn my back,
I find she's jumped up on my coffee table and is trying to figure out how to get down. 
we start "puppy kindergarten" next week, which I'm sure she'll enjoy.
She already loves everybody and going for car rides and will bark at you
 if you don't pay attention to her.  Thanks again for a great dog!
Dana - Woodridge, IL


SouthPaw and her Mom Gina ~  Milwaukee, WI


 Here are some pictures of Denali from last winter up at our cabin,
(northeast of Arizona) her favorite place. Denali will be 3 years old  this summer.
She was born on 07/06/06 litter of Winnie and the Great Tusk.
Thank you so much to the Hitching post for bringing such  joy into our family
with these beautiful Newfie, we can't wait to bring our next puppie home this May 18th.
  We are considering flying out there- seeing the farm- meeting with you personally-
and brining home our new baby.

Great Pryenees, Bernese Mountain Dog, Annabel , and Black Newf

Camacho Family

"Winston" and Mom

Winston Snowman 08!

~Bachhausen Family Illinois


We would like to share with everyone visiting
the news clip below of one of the
Hitching Post's extended family members, Sioux Pooh!
Bear and Jeanne Thank You for sharing with us.

Canine Christmas

To view please click
on the link in blue

Canine Christmas

                    Update on Sioux Pooh Muckwa - AZ
She has earned her own Pet Therapy Baseball Card!


November 26 2008

Joni and her big boys!

Spring 2009

Stephanie,  Arrow & Buck say have a Happy Thanksgiving !
                   Here is a picture of the “Newfie Boys” (Sunday 11/23/08), 11 ½ weeks old,
34 lbs. each they are learning fast, Joni has taught them sit, down,
roll over and how to go up & down the stairs. The roll over is great for brushing them.
Later - Ron & Joni - IN


August 2008
Yesterday Gracie had her first REAL swim in Torch Lake here in Michigan.
She really liked it, yet the big waves were a little frightening to her,
and the length of her swim time was definitely decided upon by her. Here are a few samples....
Margie - MI    



Tired Missy June 09

Abby and Missy 11-21-08

Hi folks,
Jeff's Missy girl is growing fast.  Poor Kawlija looks like the puppy now.  Missy makes the queen bed look like a single.  Toni.  10-6-08

Missy is Jeff's side kick...He has to have her with him at all times..We will probably be paying for it with separation anxiety when she is older.......She is such a little brown bear....Just wonderful..She gets spayed the end of this month....She is very healthy, eating like a horse and taking her vitamins.....Not quite the lover Abby is, but she is trying...She loves running with the huskys...She looks big with all that hair, but she is still a pup so we have to watch her....She is a messy, Missy....

Abby is beyond words...She has really come around..She hangs with us in whatever room we are in.  She just has so much personality....Loves to be loved.She will go back and forth between Jeff and I to get all the pets and kisses she can..When Jeff is cooking, she hangs in the kitchen and waits for a nibble...I don't have to say one word anymore..When she hears me mixing her food, she comes to HER spot to eat....If she is out side when I start feeding folks, I just yell, "Come on Abby, lets eat."  She can be in the farthest part of the yard and come running....It's amazing the difference...She definitely knows she is home now.....She does not sleep on her bed anymore....She has the whole couch in our sunroom..She loves it there..except when it is raining and thundering.  She still has quite the fear...That is Abbys' couch though.....We cannot imagine not having these girls.....Such a great day finding you on the computer.....
         -Jeff and Toni-NC


Abby and Jeff


Maxx is a WONDERFUL boy!  We love him so much and can’t imagine how we got through
the first half century of life without a Newfie.  His Yorkie brother, Frank, of course still is the
Alpha dog (he is a terriorer – ha!), but he is a kind and loving brother, and really enjoys having a
dog pal to play with all day.

Maxx, at 13 weeks, now weighs 35 pounds (I’ve attached pics to show his growth evolution),
and rings his door bells to go out.  We are taking him to puppy class and he is amazingly smart.
He sits, lays down, walks nicely on a leash, stays and loves to be brushed.  Our instructors’
biggest complaint is that Maxx keeps falling asleep during class.  Very funny!

He, of course, is the hit of our neighborhood.  We actually have people come to the house
asking if we can bring Maxx out to show people who haven’t seen him.  Our vet, groomer
and pet shop owner all ask that we bring him by to visit whenever we can.

Remember when we told you about our giant water bowl “lake” crock in the kitchen? 
He discovered that at 10 weeks.  It was absolutely hilarious – he had both front feet in and
was dunking his head to the bottom, then would ‘dig’ the water out.  We replaced that with
a Maxx-sized crock that he can only get his head – not his feet – into.  He loves the walk
in shower with no door and frequently joins Todd and/or me in the morning.  We now have a
Maxx-towel hanging beside ours.  He also sleeps in the shower during the daytime, which
is hilariously funny.

He is a sweet guy, with a very interactive personality.  He does lots of talking, not too
much barking, has an incredible level of curiosity, and a deep love of his family. 
All of my clients and teams have met him on the phone and love the weekly Maxx-antics.

Maxx, who goes by a variety of names - AKC name is Samson’s Maximus Prime of Stonebridge,
 but he is also called Maxx-i-moose, Maxx-a-mania and Tugs, is such a wonderful dog.  
We were at Target a few weeks ago, and as we were checking out, the cashier asked
“Is your dog pretty spoiled?”  We told him, “No, just very loved and appreciated”.   
-Eckert- IN


 Captain Tucker is the pride, joy and affectionate steamroller of our family!
You were right when you said he was a sweet boy; he really is the most lovable,
affectionate, teddy bear in the world.  It is truly like having my own teddy bear! He is a bit stubborn, but we've kind of picked that up about Newfies!  Anyway, just wanted to let
you know and see how perfect Tucker was for us.  He was, most certainly,
the pup God had for us and I love him dearly.
Keep up the good work!        -Gordon- GA



Hi, got your email yesterday and wanted to send you some recent pictures of Delta girl,
she truly is a gift to me, I'm 45 and I have five children, my last child will be leaving in a year,
I am raising my grandchild that I have had from the hospital, it is very hard for me to let go
of my kids so, as any mother you get that empty feeling when your nest becomes empty,
 Delta is going to be my best friend and I really needed her right now, God has a way of
taking care of us, He is always there to pick up the pieces and I feel that God brought me
to you for Delta, I am so happy I have her.
-Fluellen- ME


          Hi Shari,

As you know, I have worked endless hours in the training of my beautiful BABE.  We are constant friends and companions, but in spite of that fact what follows is going to be difficult for you or anyone else to believe. Even though she has been taught many commands, it’s the little things that I find she understands without any training at all.  I think I’ve shared some of those moments with you as well.  This experience however takes the cake!!!  Babe has been completely housebroken for several months now, so I haven’t spent any time before bed, for at least the last three months, taking the usual nighttime precautions when you have a puppy.  In the past I always put down a large puppy pad on my bathroom floor which she utilized for nighttime emergencies, but as I said I haven’t used the puppy pads for at least three months now.  In my master bathroom I have a large rattan shelving unit, and on the bottom shelf is the partially used package of puppy pads.  When I awoke Sunday morning I noticed that one of the puppy pads had been removed from the package and was out in the middle of the floor.  It wasn’t quite spread out flat, but almost.  On closer inspection, I found that the puppy pad had been used!!  Sooooooo, at some point during the night Babe needed to go to the bathroom and since I was asleep, she pulled out a puppy pad, somehow unfolded it and then used it.  Have you ever heard of anything so extraordinary??????  She continues to amaze me each and every day with how she thinks everything through.  As I have said before, I think she is the reincarnation of a very smart person.  I’m sure that between your loving care at your beautiful farm which gave her the great start she needed, and then all of the classes I have put her through, plus being with me almost every minute, going for walks, shopping at Pet Smart, and many other experiences have given her the time and capability to process things perhaps more intelligently than most other pets. Just from her constant “people” contact.  I don’t know what any of us have done to create this “thinking” dog (and I even hate to call her just a dog), but she is just the BEST!!!




Just a quick update on Chewiee. He had his 16 week appointment with the vet yesterday and weighed in at 38.8 pounds and is doing great. He is already a great pup when it comes to training. He sits and stays very well and is learning to heel (pretty good right now, but does like to grab the leash or your leg occasionally). We are working on laying down and come. Of course there is the constant challenge of chewing/biting, but he is getting better at both and the vet is pleased with how quickly he stops when told to. It is a challenge for him to sit patiently for his food until we give him the release command. But once we do, it is like a run away train to the bowl.  He is very talkative and has a big personality.
He is a wonderful pet who absolutely loves kids even though he also likes to chase them. We have told several people about our positive experience with the Hitching Post and that we will go back when we are ready for another pup.
-Knode- OH

Chewiee at 8 weeks

Chewiee at 4mths

Chewiee at 8 mths


Our big Moose "Lola", from Tusk and Farra's litter, welcoming her new Berner buddy to the homestead.
                                      -Fargo- MO



We have been having so much fun with the puppies that I haven't had time to write to you.  They are doing great and are so sweet.  Newfie loves to splash the water out of his water bowl.  Typical Newfoundland.  Jazzy is such a sweetheart.  The vet said they are both in great shape and she said they are beautiful



Jazzy and Newfie Christmas 2007


Just wanted to drop you a note to update you on Tucker.  He is doing
great!  He has a "girlfriend" down the street who he insists on
visiting every single day.  Unfortunately he is quickly outgrowing her
and she may not want to play with him much longer. He learned sit, stay,
and come in three days (one a day)!  He is so sweet and we have had no
problems with him whatsoever.  We love him so much--he is sweet but
mischievous too. The funniest thing about Tucker is how popular he is! We go for walks
everyday, but we never actually "walk" because we end up stopping every
two or three houses so someone can pet him.  All the neighbors LOVE him
and they try to claim him as their own. He is doing great--he really is
just the most wonderful dog!


Just wanted to get you a few update pictures of Tucker since he is
about a year old now.  He LOVES the snow and therefore he has been
completely filthy for the last month. He is such a sweetie and a major
traffic stopper everywhere he goes.


                            Thunder is such a blessing to our family- Kotschi-IL


Hi Shari,
Ryleigh is doing well.  She will be 10 months old next week and we adore her.  It has been a long time
since we had a puppy, but she really does make us smile.  
We have a motor home and she went on her first camping trip last September.  We have tried to take
her as many places as we can to let her swim.   My lab mix "Max" also likes to go wading.  She has
more then a half acre fenced yard so she can run and explore and dig.  When spring comes she can
help me garden.  When the weather is better my husband Larry takes her for walks.  He also works on obedience.  
Max and Ryleigh get along well except when Max is not feeling well.  He has a thyroid condition. 
Our only problem is her barking.  She is very vocal so we watch the times she is outside.
Before we got Ryleigh, we talked about getting a rescue dog, but Ryleigh is our baby.
(She's a large baby, but our baby anyway.)

Hi Shari,
I wanted to send a picture of Brady and let you know that we are loving him more than we thought possible.  He is incredible with all of the people he meets - and we actually can't take him places if we are in a hurry because of all the people that stop us to meet him.
He is getting reunited with his brother "Buddy" on Friday - I can't believe two of these pups ended up in California only 20 minutes from each other!
Thanks again for all you do,
The Smiths- Rocklin, CA


Brady is doing well and more fun the older he gets...he is our little man!

Brady Christmas 2007

Hi Shari: What a delightful dog! Crate training in progress. Does his thing outside, MOST of the time. Had him examined by my vet, Dr. Roberta Raymond of Blue Cross Pet Hospital here in Carmichael. Checked out OK. Feeding him the Nutra product Natural Choice for puppies of large breed to control growth. Also the NuVet Plus . Weight 29 1/2 lbs. Thanks for this great "Buddy".     -Koch- CA


I purchased the Gentle Leader yesterday, read the instructions, watched
the DVD a couple of times and this morning, with a pocket full of
treats, struggled  to place it on his heck and muzzle.  It was quite a
session. Finally, with  it on (too loose on the neck, of course) we
walked , fought, rolled over, popped treats, more rolling, THEN I
tightened the neckpiece, adjusted to nosepiece, and off we went for a

I simply can't believe the behavioral change in the dog:  It was as if
he were sedated. At first a few struggles, one more rolling over on his
back, and then voila!  Mister Cool  Guy, head high, walking sedately
(no pun intended) back and forth across our large  front lawn.  Just
with an  occasional treat.  After a bit, with  just verbal reassurance,
off we went down the street toward where Buddy always surged ahead to
reach a fenceline  where joyous smells of horses, goats, and the
neighbor's dog were.  Well, well, well, what a difference!  We
approached this delectable area, turned left, and walked away from it,
down another street.  Just  like that.

The Gentle Leader seems to have negated the Newfoundland's propensity
to behave like a draft horse and to instill a response mechanism  to
the gently urging of the leash.  It  is truly  a fine product.

Grimly and I got an early start this morning and got home right at noon. He slept most of the way and I only made one stop.  Our Saints did great with him, but all the high speed activity makes them a little nervous. We'll keep an eye on him. We've noticed he only has two speeds - full blast or off. He's a sweet little bugger, but isn't too sure about the crate we got for him. It's fun if it's his idea, but he sure hates the door getting closed.  I got him a real cute black furry rug thing for the bottom. I picked out black to hide the hair, but a black dog on a black rug in a dark room makes for a pretty good disappearing act.

Thanks for Grimly, you really run a first class operation         -Smith- SC




All is well in South Carolina!  Grimly has outgrown his biting stage and has become the perfect gentleman (99% of the time). He only has two of those dagger canines left and the new ones are just now taller, so those little daggers have no affect any more. Ha! 
Thanks for a perfect addition to our family.


Just thought we would send a quick update of Grizzly's first Christmas. 
We picked up Grizzly at the Albany, NY Airport in April 2006.  It did not take long before
she thought she was "one of the kids." 
She loves going to the camp at Loon Lake in upstate, NY, although she gave us a scare when
she swam halfway across the lake at 5 months old. 
She wakes the kids up each morning by jumping on their beds and licking their faces. 
She loves running through the snow and pulling the kids around on a tube.  She is about
100 pounds and will be one year old on Valentines Day.      -Averill- NY

Grizzly at 10 weeks

Grizzly's first Christmas 2006

Shari, you picked a great puppy for me!  I love Rosie and I couldn't be happier!!! Let me tell you more about her! Rose gets into everything!  If it's not nailed down, it ends up in her mouth.  She snatches everything: shoes, towels, whatever.  Thanks to Rose, I now have to keep a tidy house!  (I wish that was true!!!) She loves her brothers, esp. Bear.  She knows to stay away from Jake.  He must have given her a strong warning signal in the yard at a time I wasn't present.  However, Rose is getting bolder with him..  Bear's neck is finally healing from the scabs he had as a result of Rose constantly hanging from his neck.  He is the submissive type and never corrected Rose for attacking his neck during puppy play.

Rose is getting well socialized.  We go to Debbie's house and she has three goldens. Debbie invites other dog people and their dog(s) so Rosie has met other dogs there. Rose has been a lady when my family visits.  She has been very good with my great niece , who is three, and my great nephew, who is one. .
Rosie is a talker and I love that!  Occasionally she makes a complete circle with her mouth and bellows out! Wish you could see it for yourself. While Rose can be a "ball of fire", overall she is a very calm dog.  She has a wonderful personality and should make a great therapy dog.  By the way, my vet is in love with her and thinks Rose is a really sweetie!  

House training went very well.  At first I was worried because of my work schedule.  The two weeks I had off for Christmas made all the difference.  She hasn't had an accident (and they occurred only when I was at work) since I don't know when.
Again, thank you for picking me such a wonderful dog.  Rosie is a joy to have.  Good things come to those who wait and I got myself a great one!!!  
Hope all is well at the farm.  You have a beautiful place and your dogs are the happiest I've ever seen.  All your hard work, dedication, and love shows and is appreciated by those of us who are lucky enough to purchase your puppies. 

At 1 year Rosie is still the sweetest dog I have ever owned.  There is not one ounce of meanness in that dog.  Rosie is a quiet dog unless when she is trying to talk to you.  As a therapy dog in training, Rosie is doing grief therapy at a hospital.  This hospital has a grief program for children between the ages of 5-17 who have lost either a parent, sibling, grandparent, etc.  They have found that some kids open up when they have a dog to hold or pet.  This past week one girl started crying as she told her story.  Rosie licked away the tears from her cheeks and eyes.  Rosie must of thought while she was at it she might as well clean the girls ears.  When Rosie did that, the girl broke into a great big smile and started to giggle.  Rosie did her job that night. Life with Rosie is easy.  She's very laidback.  She plays a little and sleeps a lot.  She loves everyone she meets and she is crazy about kids.  She is 118 lbs. of love and sweetness.

Rosie at 1 year

Ingo is doing great. We just love him.  He loves to go for nice walks every day.  He also loves the boardwalk.  His is training very well.  He learned to sit, paw, and lay down very quickly.  He loves treats.  He is super smart so he learns everything very fast.  At his last Vet visit on Jan. 3rd, he already weighed 50 lbs.  I was so surprised.  She said he looks great!  He goes again on Feb. 2nd and I guess I will be surprised again.  He is still puppy biting and trying to assert himself, but we make the corrections right away and make sure he gets exercise every day.  We really love him.  My children want to come to the farm so bad to see his mom and dad.  Hopefully one day soon we can take a trip to visit.  I am sending some new pictures to you in the mail today.  He is beautiful. My husband is crazy about him and told me he was the best gift he ever received.  Thanks again .                                  -DeVito- NJ


Ingo and Boots Christmas- 2007

Cephus has been the joy in our lives. He is such a pretty dog. He is great in the house, great with kids and other dogs. He does not like cats though. The older he gets the better he gets. He is about 115 lbs. right now. He is solid muscle. We take him walking, running, and swimming all the time. He is getting so smart, ( he can open all doors). He is getting to be a great companion. He is so gentle, sweet, and loving. He demands 100% attention at all times. He is still a big baby at heart, and we love him like he is our kid. We could never have another kind of dog again. Thank you for giving us our love and joy. We would like to get him a girlfriend that he could play with, hopefully at the end of this year. We love every second spent with him.

Susan & Jessie Ringley
Rogersville, TN

Cephus as a puppy

Cephus at 1 yr.

Hi Shari,

I hope you & your family had a wonderful time this Holiday, we spent ours at our cabin at north. As you can imagine, Denali was in heaven. All she did was play on the snow, ate the snow -  she had a blast! I just want to let you know the we all are in love with her -she is our little baby and we can not imagine being without her!
                                           -Amatos- AZ





T-Boe at 11 months

T-Boe at 21 months weighing 150 lbs.

"K & K's Kodiak A Rooso"  black male puppy out of Farra and Tusk, 13 wks, with his new sisters!          -Johnson-TN

Our beautiful Dixie at 15 months.  -Millers-FL


How are you?  We are great!  The puppy - who we have named Denali - is doing great!  She had her first vet appointment Wednesday 9/6 - and she is in good health.  We are following your instructions to the "T"!  We had a great time at our mountain cabin - and back to the valley.  She's 50% potty trained, can sit and give paw on command already!  She is a real joy!  

                                                                       -The Amato's- AZ


Chocolate is doing very well.  Weighting about 100lbs. at about 10 months. 
We are in advanced training classes now. 5 more weeks to go.  She is very smart, but still acts like a puppy sometimes. She is doing great!       -Chens-NJ




           Thank-you so much for helping our Wrigley with the loss of our two Goldens. Winnie was just what we all needed ! She went to the vet, and they said she was in perfect health and what a beautiful Newfie. Winnie is a very quick learner Chris has got her to sit, shake, high five and down. Although she has NO patience when she knows were going on our walk. Which Winnie thinks should be all the time. We bought her a harness, and she walks right next to my leg. Your farm is beautiful !! Anyone looking for a loving, honest and CARING breeder needs to see Shari. The Hitching Post Family Farm also, just doesn't sell you a puppy, she is there for your phone calls and e-mails and here to help you out !!

                    Thank-you Again we will stay in touch !

                                Chris & Karen Marsala

                                 Minooka , Illinois


Winnie the Newfie at 1 yr.


I've taken a couple pictures of Maggie since we brought her home.  Her vet visit went great today, she's in good health and got her 16 wk shots.  She's 42lbs and getting big already!

She's still having some accidents in the house, but overall is catching on quick to house training. She's a smart dog.  She loves our Samoyed, Logan, and our daughter, Abbey.

We're so glad we bought her, she's most definitely became a member of our family.
                           -Beatty- IN



Hi Shari, well here is Dutch at 6 months old, and as you can see.......he loves to lay by the pool. The lounge chair has become his. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. So smart and just the biggest mush!!! We couldn't have chosen a better breed. Thank you so much for everything. -Imondi- RI

I just wanted to drop a line to say hello and a big thank you again for our
17wk old little girl Newfie ... Lady. She and our 4 yr old son Tyler are the
best of friends (she's wonderful with our 2 yr old son Matthew as well).
Lady and Tyler do EVERYTHING together. Where ever Tyler is, Lady isn't too
far away. She lays next to him while he reads, and he shows her the pictures
in his books. She even watches TV! We get such a kick out of it! We were
watching Lady and the Tramp (that's also how she got her name ... Tyler
named her Miss Lady and still calls her "Oh Miss Lady Ma'am!) the other
night and Lady was right there barking at the TV, then actually sat and
watched the movie with us. We've never laughed harder.

What a fantastic dog! She is so gentle with the kids and while giving kisses
or taking treats. No nipping at all. She's truly won the hearts of everyone
we know. She has really been an absolute delight to own (and to show off).
Everyone in our family thinks she is THE most GORGEOUS dog they've ever
seen! My Aunt (who is NOT a dog person) is madly in love with her!

Lady and our 17wk old Saint Bernard, Bear, are just a riot together. They
love each other, give each other actual kisses, sleep together and
everything. My husband Matt and I are just so happy with both dogs. But Matt
wanted me to email you again to thank you because Lady is just such a
wonderful pup! She's very well behaved (still has accidents in the house
sometimes if we're not quick enough to the door) but at night she NEVER has
an accident.

We can't tell you enough what a great pup she is. We brag to everyone and
Matt's favorite thing to do is take them everywhere. She LOVES riding in the
truck. She sits up so proud and obediently. All of our family and friends
just love her and our Bear. And they've both gotten SO incredibly big.

I'm so glad we found you and our Lady. She's just a love and we can't thank
you enough. She's really completed our family (I finally have another girl
in the house!) So thank you again and I will be sending you some updated
pictures very soon.

A big thanks from the Berube Family from Mass. !!!



Ella keeps our other dogs Bear and Rudy on the go.  She has claimed every chair in the house as her domain.  She absolutely loves the water. Thanks so much.  We just love her!    -Holts-TN



I just wanted to let you know that Ginger, my Newfie,  is doing great!!!!  She has adjusted very well and is the happiest little girl!  She loves following Daisy around and has already made many new friends....  (furry and not furry).  I am so happy with her and I just wanted to thank you again for making this blessing possible.  She has a wonderful personality and disposition.  Ginger is a puppy that loves the beach and her big sister Daisy.

I could not be happier!!!!     -Holly Martin- MA

"Ginger is my best friend"

Ginger and I are doing wonderfully here on Nantucket!    our summers here are very intense as the summer is the height of our tourist season. We moved our store this year closer to the wharf in town and what a move it was!  We were so busy my head is still spinning!!!  I think Ginger got more beach time than I did this summer!  Ginger is the most loving dog and very entertaining!  She is quite sassy and it cracks me up every day.  She is stubborn (like me) and has her moments when she decides chasing bunnies is much more fun than coming to me...  but overall she is the best!  She NEVER runs out of energy.  Ginger comes to the store everyday that I work for at least part of the day until one of her many admirers takes her for walks or to the beach.  Everyday is a new adventure for her.  She is so easy going and loves to be included in EVERYTHING....  even if it's just a car ride to the convenience store.  These are some of the activities Ginger partakes in:  beaching (she loves the water and is an incredible swimmer even in big waves), boating, off-shore fishing (she freaks out every time a fish is hooked and guards it with her life once it is on board), digging for clams (which she actually does--- so funny), snorkeling for scallops, visiting my brother up at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY (they have the best dog friendly hotel), and of course romping around with her many doggy friends (most of my friends have dogs).  I even brought Ginger to a Patriots game and she tailgated with us and wore her Teddy Bruschi jersey.  Her best times are perhaps at my friends farm where she roams free with dogs, horses, donkeys, pigs, miniature horses, goats, cats, and even alpacas!  Ginger also has the best relationship with my parent's brown newf, Daisy, who is 5--- they have a real special bond.
Sorry to go on and on, but I cannot imagine my life without her!!!  We literally do everything together.  Ginger still loves her crate and is quite petite...  she is just a bit over 100 lbs. and maintains a very healthy appetite!  I think her smaller size has something to do with her impressive athletic abilities.  I have never seen a more agile and fast newf...  and I have had newfs my whole life!  It is great because we can go jogging together in the woods... she is definitely keeping me in shape and on my feet!  Anyway, she is in excellent health and other newf owners (there are quite a few here) always comment on how healthy and beautiful she is.  She is also quite smart... which made training her easy and then difficult once she learned how to read us.... my dad always calls her ginger the genius (jokingly). 
The last thing I will tell you is that she is the perfect dog for me.  My family is constantly telling me how alike we are (especially when she acts goofy).  I also always hear, "you two look so much alike!"  Her coloring is amazing and she has incredible highlights from being on the ocean all summer.  Not to boast about my own looks... she is the prettier one.  It is just so funny because our coloring and body types really are so similar!

Thank you, Shari, for my partner in crime!!! 


Our show girl, Candy, taking the day off.  She received Best in show and 1st in her class in the puppy classes this summer.
-Mike and Kathy Meyer- MI

Candy at Detroit show 1/20/07 receiving 1st place!

Candy and her 2008 baby "Puzzels"

All is going well her, Sioux Pooh did well of the plane, she slept on both flights almost the entire time, she is liking AZ.  We're really enjoying her. She has learned the "doggie door" very well and is housebroken, still likes to chew a bit.  We have put together a few of the Major Commands for her and we ask visitors at the house to use them if they would, she definitely knows her name.  The vet and her staff love to see her, they even took photos of her when she came for her shots.  We love her dearly and Jasper, the cat, is even finding that she is tolerable.  Sioux Pooh is truly a blessing to our family and we want to Thank You for letting her become a member of our family.  We are intending on training her to be a "Therapy Dog".   -Bear and Jeanne- AZ



Sioux Pooh's first therapy visit

The new cordless Hoover Vacuume

I wanted to tell you all about what the experience of having Sioux Pooh as a Therapy Dog ha
been.  For the last 3 or 4 weeks there was a friend of ours Father who was diagnosed with Bone
Cancer.  He was in the hospital, where Sioux Pooh and I go for Therapy Dog work.
Well Mr Miller passed away a week ago and I went to the funeral home to pay our respects.
When I walked in I was greeted by my friend, Bill, and we spoke for a moment, I then went with
Bill to visit his mother and saw she was talking with a group of friends and family members.
I stood for a moment when Mrs. Miller caught a glimpse of me, she stopped speaking and these
few words conspired.
She pointed at me, said, 'That is Bear, and he brought his dog, Sioux Pooh, everyday to the
hospital for the 3 weeks Adrian (her husband) was in the hospital. And the Joy that Adrian
experienced was overwhelming, he would rub her ears and talk to her and would Smile so much
I can only tell you how much those visits meant to us all.  For the Joy that Adrian experienced
those last weeks was enough to help him and us through this hard time!'

Just wanted to check in with you and let you know that everything is going great for Miss Osa...she is a bundle of fun and a VERY smart little girl!! I can't believe it but she already is potty trained (well pretty close), knows sit and shake and is very alert!!  Osa and I go out and work in the garden together and it has been raining alot so she loves to roll in the wet grass. 9 week doctors visit went well and said that she seemed to be forming great and was in perfect health.  -Lauren Lay- TX                                                                                       



    Thank you so much for all you do.  Cherokee is loving the water.  She loves to play in our pond and we've been taking her to the beach every weekend.  She really is a good puppy.     -Barbara & Jerry Henning-WA


Cherokee with her beautiful puppies July, 2007


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