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    We are enjoying Laila.  We are crate training and it has been a little tough at night.  She does pretty well during the day.  For the most part she is already going to the door when she wants to go out.  She has found her favorite spots.  And she is already a momma's girl!  I can't tell you how happy we are with her...she is great with the kids and we have had dog visitors and she was great with them as well. 
       -Katy Bazerque-NJ

    9 weeks

    7 months

    Christmas with our new puppy Nico.    -The Heraly's-WI

    Thanks for Kilo, we are very pleased. - David and Shalimar Link-VA                


    We wanted to thank you for all of the joy that you have brought into our lives with our Great Pyrenees puppy.  Nittany is now 5 mths. old and we couldn't have picked a better dog for us.  We have enjoyed watching her change from a cute little puppy into a still cute but bigger and friendlier member of our family.  Along the way, we have had tremendous success with the crate training, and she was house broken within a few weeks of bringing her home.  Not to mention, she must have been just the luck Penn State Nittany Lions were needing this year to turn their football season around.  She watches every game with us!       -Matthew and Holly Ellis-KY

    Getting Nittany continues to be the best decision we've ever made!

    Nittany at 1 year

    Nittany at 2 yrs.

    Thank you so much, Sadie was worth waiting for!
    -Anne Norman-Rhea- TN


    Bo has adjusted very well to his new home, he has already made lots of friends. We love him!  Thanks     

    Hope you enjoyed the holidays.  Just wanted to give you an update on Bo.  At 3 1/2 months, he weighs 50 lbs.  He is the most intelligent and well mannered puppy I have ever owned.  He is a favorite of everyone that meets him. 
    He goes with me everyday to feed the horses.  He already respects and understands his role on the farm.  Attached are pictures of Bo walking on the farm with my granddaughter and me.

     -Dalton's- KY


    Harlow owned by Nancy Slater- CA

    Lilly arrived late Friday night Oct.7, 2005.  Her flight was delayed several hours so by the time we got home it was late.  The newborn feeling, you forget so easily.  I was a walking zombie the next morning.  We just love her.  She is just amazing!  She hugs, kisses and snuggles.

    Her first visit to the vet was great.  The vet fell in love!  And ; everyone else that was there.  She looks like the snuggle bear.  She likes to sit close with one paw on your thigh at all times.  When she romps through the house she look like a polar bear.  So CUTE!  Lilly has many adventures that she is involved in every day from  attending festivals, playing at the beach, visiting the market and gazing at the huge aquarium at the vets office.  People stop to meet her who pass by and immediately fall in love.  We are so happy to have her as a part of our family.    -The Olson's- NJ



    Lilly at 8 months

                                    Lilly at 13 mths                   Lilly at 2 yrs.



    Our little girl is growing, growing, growing.  In just 3 short weeks we've come a long way!  Storm doesn't need out of her crate from 9pm to 4:30am. Isn't that awesome.  She's learned to sit, to alert us when she needs out, and she comes on command 80% of the time.  She's only had a few accidents and has caught on to the potty training very quickly.  Storm is a super, sweet, little thing.  We just love her.  She's been camping with us several times now and loves the people and the other puppies she gets to romp and play with.  Thanks again for the wonderful puppy, she's wonderful.  -Simone and Jon Moss-IL

    Millie is the best dog I've ever owned.  I'm glad we got her.
    -Jim Miller- OH


    Millie at 2 years old

    The pups are doing great and really feeling at home. I can't get over how well they are getting along with my older Berner.  They are so beautiful.   -Sabrina Machado-CA

    8 weeks

    10 months

    Moxii and Raine are doing great and getting big fast!                           
    - Shantel and Preston Wood- UT

    The first few days we had Emma she was so calm and didn't do much but sleep, eat (a little) and potty. It was like having an infant in the house.  Curbie, our small, inside Border Collie, wasn't sure what to think of her at first.  She really just ignored her for the most part.  After about 2 days, Emma started to become more active, she was eating better, and only has had a few accidents in the house since we have gotten her.  It is like she came home trained!  She and Curbie are now best friends and play together frequently.  Emma has learned to like her "house" (crate) and sleeps almost through the night without crying to potty.  She loves the snow.  Emma is an absolute doll and we love having her here with us!  She is so well behaved and we are already seeing her grow!  Thank you for letting us be apart of her early puppy stages.  We are excited for our future with Emma!                          -Jamie & Luke Baker-



    We would like to thank you for our wonderful dog, Bucca.  She is an absolute pleasure to have in our family.  We had her start training at 8 weeks.  She has learned to sit, stay, lay down, stand and come.  The vet says she is extremely healthy and now weighs in at 62 lbs at 6 months of age.  She is extremely friendly with strangers as well with other animals.  In fact, she is best friends with my sister's Chocolate Lab.  She loves car rides and cuddling.  I can't imagine ever owning a different breed.  I just wish I had room for at least 1 more.  Thanks again!     -Schiavino Family-NJ


    Jasmine is doing great.  She went out with the kids Halloween night, it was really cute.  She got tired so she hitched a ride with my friend in the stroller.  She is a very good dog. She loves to dig holes and loves to get a shower after she is all muddy.   -Kelly- Ohio



    Jasmine is two today, and she is just as wonderful as the day we got her. She is such a gentle dog. She has this patience that I can not begin to describe. She is the best dog we have ever owned. She puts up with a 8 month old Brittany puppy with out incident. She loves kids and is so mellow. She is a very important part of our family. We love her so much.

    Pictures I  took last Nov.  They're doing fine...Strider is shedding like crazy.  I think I have to find someone to spin his coat and make a sweater or two.  Arwen is so sweet, but doesn't take anything from Strider.  If he gets too rough she lets him know.  She doesn't bark yet, except for a little here and there.  Strider is more vocal.  A strange sound, someone parking in front, or a squirrel on the power line, he lets me know.  It's been raining a lot here, especially over the holidays, but they love to go out even when it rains.  I let them out to do their business, then dry them off.
    My family and friends love them too.  -Walt-CA




    Strider-11/05                Arwen- 11/05

    Abby is 78 lbs. now at 5 months and still growing.  All her tests at the vet were positive and she is in excellent health.  She is absolutely an incredible dog.  She is so loving and gentle.  She is great with company.  She is learning the do's and don't pretty well although she does have her stubborn streak.  She is completely house broken and no longer needs her crate but she still likes to go in it for security. My wife Lucy is doing remarkably well considering her accident wasn't so long ago.  I am convinced that she would not be doing as well as she is without Abby.              -Henry and Lucy Bockelman- PA


    Millie is one of the smartest breeds my wife and I have ever owned and also the biggest.  She is beautiful and pleasant to have as a pet.      -Jim Miller-Ohio


    Lulu and her new master Libby bonding on the long drive home   -Gabe-Michigan


    Lulu at 9 months

    Kuma is doing great!  We just love this little guy!  He took a nap on my lap a little while ago.  I figure I better take advantage of that before he gets too big!      -Elizabeth Peaasley-CA

    We just love Noah.  He's doing great with the goats.  It is very interesting even when it's really hot and the sun is shinning right on him, his coat and body feel cool.  I'm sure he's hot, but his coat doesn't seem to absorb the heat from the sun like it does in other animals.  We brush him 3-4 times a week, and he seems to love it---get LOTS of fur!          -Karen Morgan- IN

    Jazz is doing great!  We really enjoy his protectiveness of our little family.  My efforts with training have paid off and I am proud to say that he has run of the house and is completely potty trained.  Jazz has also been allowed to sleep in our room at night and he enjoys this much more than being in the kitchen with a fence up.  He loves it in our yard and stays in the backyard as long as we play with him and his huge tennis ball.  Otherwise he is always at my side and never wanders off into our woods.  Jazz seems to have no intention to explore unless we head for that area.  He is almost 100lbs at 8 months old and very gentle.  Thank you again Shari for our wonderful addition.   _Amber Gutowski-W


    Crosby is doing great!  I just can't tell you how wonderful he is.  Can't imagine life without him.  He is now 63 lbs and doing so well.  We absolutely love him!   -Rettig Family-ILL


    Ride home from the farm


    Crosby at 5 months


    We remember the trip to your farm in Indiana to pick up our "new bundle" like it was yesterday.  I think that Kona has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since. When she came to her new home she had the difficult task of winning over our 8 yr. old female Pyrenees, Montagnac.  She was relentless in her efforts and now they are truly the best of friends.  Our three girls talk to, play with and on Kona.  Sometimes, they even run squealing from her when she is excited.  Like her breed, she is a wonderful addition to our family and even though she can be independent, she is always eager to please.  When she has a mind to, she is a wonderfully trained animal.  I have been working on the "come" command with Kona ever since she arrived home with us and I am happy to say it has paid off.  She loves a liver treat and when I call she will come bounding over with a "smile" and a quick "nose nudge" to my hand to see if I may have a small treat for her after she sits in front of me.  She is crazy, funny and sweet.  We are so happy to have Kona with us now.  She filled a void we never knew we had.  I can't wait to see how she will mature over the next 6 months.  She is so big now that I can't believe that she is only 6 months old!

    Deana Boyages- Ohio  


                   Kona  (top left 8 wks, top right and bottom 6 mths.)

    Thank you for 2 beautiful dogs, their exactly what we needed.  Commanche and Shiloh are inseparable.  We appreciate all the time and energy you put in to making this possible.
    - Barbara Henning, Washington

    We absolutely love Toby, thank you for making our search 
    for a new Great Pyrenees a perfect experience.
    -Linda Ebers -Illinios

    Shep is doing great!  He has taken Puppy classes and has 
    advanced to the Teenage class.  The teacher says she has
    never seen a more social Great Pyrenees.  He was potty trained 
    by 4 months.  We just really love his personality. Thanks!
    -Debbie Litchfield-Indiana


    Everything is going very well, Maia is the center of attention, everybody who sees her says what we already know, she is so adorable.  We love her personality, she will play and then just walk away and be by herself.  She loves to be outside in the yard running after Collin and Sarah.  She is a sweetheart. Thank you again for everything, we are happy with our new family addition.   -Rick and Anna Wadman-Ohio



    We took Tinkerbell to obedience training, just for the basics, she did so well.  I was able to train her how to sit on command in less than two hours.  She is crate trained and sleeps in there when we are gone.  Once she is done teething and not chewing on everything, which the vet thinks will be in next month or so, she will not have to be in a crate.  Tinkerbell has been a great addition to our family; she has the most wonderful personality.  We have three cats that she has made friends with, the youngest cat “Milo” is her buddy.  You should see those too play, it is so cute the way they interact with each other.  They roll around, chase each other, Milo has even started running out back with Tinkerbell.  It is so funny, the cat chases the dog.  They do everything together, even eat, and turn out Milo loves doggie bones.  Tinkerbell also acts much like a little kid, as you can see in her picture, she has this little stuffed bunny, and she takes it everywhere, even outside.  Her collection of stuff animals also includes three teddy bears.  She has one of them with her where ever she goes, it is so cute.  Thanks a lot for selling us her, she is a great dog, can’t wait till spring so we can get outside more.      -Hostetler-IN

    Gigi is doing great and she and my male, Klondyke,  play all the 
    time. Thanks again for her and I'm sure we will be making some 
    beautiful puppies in another year and a half. - Pat Dresen, Idaho


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