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Taking home their puppy! Chantal from
 and her family came to take their puppy home,
her daughter Natacha from France Made this very nice video, Enjoy!

Hi there!  Just a quickie to let you know Aspen is still doing great!
He is housebroken now and full of life!  So much fun.
Olivia stopped calling him Crayon, too, which makes it   
                        easier on him I'm guessing!  People still are impressed with him when
they see him.  One of my older neighbors keeps saying "beautiful"
when he sees him.  So thanks again!  He still is chowing down the vitamins
everyday- that, with his Wellness food,is making his coat very reflective in the light.
    Take care! Patrick

Here is a picture of Olivia with Aspen (or Crayon- she is one determined little girl!).  
She wanted to sleep with him last night in his crate!

Thanks again for the beautiful pup- he gets lots of attention,
and I had to write down  your email address for a couple people already!



                   Dear Steph and Len

            I just wanted to thank you for Norman, he is wonderful. My wife and I did not
know what to do when our first Pyr had to be put to sleep in August of 2008. 
We only had him for six years but we loved him like a child. 
He was the sweetest most devoted, smartest dog we had ever known. 
Everyone who met him loved him and he inspired a number of our friends, family and
even strangers to get a great Pyr for themselves.  Over the years we
discovered the gentle protective temperament,
intelligence, and loyalty we treasured in him were qualities shared by the breed. 
We used to joke that the great in Great Pyrenees
was for his personality, not his size.  When we lost him we where crushed.
            At first we swore we would never own another Great Pyrenees because it hurt so much to lose him. 
I spent a year trying to find another breed that might be able to fill the hole in our lives.
The more I looked the more I realized nothing else would do, but I did not know where
we might find a Pyr from someone we could trust.  The issue with our first Pyr was poor breeding,
 and though his heart was great and perfect, his genes betrayed him and us.

Shortly before Christmas of 2008 I was searching breed sights and having no luck finding what I was looking for.  Everyone was pushing their grand prizes, blue ribbons and show credentials. 
I just wanted a puppy with a sweet Pyr temperament, and a long history
of good health: one born in a loving environment, maybe with some farm or herd dog instincts.  I was Googeling
and found the “Hitching Post”.  I had searched the net before looking for Pyr pups but not for years and
was not familiar with the “Hitching Post”.  So I checked it out. 

            My first impressions where very favorable; the pictures of all the healthy happy dogs and people
loving on them made me feel comfortable with the set up and the people. 
Then, when I read their philosophy on raising and breeding Great Pyrenees puppies
we began to suspect we had finally found some folks who shared our love of the breed. 
You folks did not write about Blue ribbons and dog shows and were not interested in trying
to impress every one with your paper work.
(Though you do have some impressive bloodlines at the Hitching Post.)  
You shared our love of the Pyr temperament and personality, and rather than extol
conformation and standards you stressed your success at producing dogs that are healthy, happy,
and have great temperaments.  I have to tell you; we were impressed. 
You people understand what the Great Pyrenees are all about. 
Pyr’s are not about ribbons and looks.  Oh yeah, they are beautiful,
but to us they are a family member.  Loyal, protective intelligent, and
trustworthy; these are the first adjectives I think of when I contemplate

the Great Pyrenees.  It is the Pyr temperament and personality that we fell in love with.  
Then when we spoke to you folks, we found you understood and shared our concern
 for the breeds health and temperament. 

When we meet Peanut, our puppy Norman’s sire, we were sold. 
Yeah, we know the big guy has champion blood lines, and great conformation,
but in our book that doesn’t hold much water.  When we met him, and felt his personality,
and got a sense of his temperament we knew we had found people that understood
what we wanted in a puppy and could produce for us such a quality individual. 
We were right.   Norman is the best!   
~ Joe and Angie   "Equine Resources"


Aiko and Thomas would like to share pictures of Juliette
(Romeo and Miyah 2009 baby)
If you would like to see more see the following link.

Juliette with her new kitten Jonah!

Updated photo of Thomas and Juliette Summer 2010

and enjoy by Aiko and Thomas.
Thomas Teaching Juliette the art of being a Pyr

youngest customer at the bank by Aiko and Thomas
"Juliette tries to make a deposit but they wouldn't let her open an account.
We instead got biscuits
... "

      Hi Stephanie and Len,

     Juliette is doing great at the farm.  
     She eats very good and gets away with pushing Thomas from his food.

     Gaining about a half a pound a day and getting in trouble more then once. The sanitation department
     is going well too. Only a few accidents and mostly me to blame for not paying attention.
     And yesterday she finally figured out the doggie door. Now she goes in and out all the time
     whenever she wants.
    She's such a smart dog: when in doubt, she looks at Thomas and copies what ever he's doing ha ha.
     She can now walk in town with us on the leash and again, copying his behaviour.
     They are such eye catchers, walking like model dogs in Zionsville downtown.
     The first weeks, I had her with me all the time when I had to go work at customers homes.
     She accepted  the van as her second home right away and can ride for hours with me. 
     This week I left Juliette for one day in Thomas care at home. ( I had to) No problems what so ever
     and the house was still standing too.
     I am - and I guess Thomas is too - extremely happy with Juliette.
     She's a model for character and brains and of course beauty and charm.
     But there's no surprise actually and here is why:
     On my first visit to your farm, I saw immediately how much you both care for your animals
     and that you truly love them.  Dogs or any animal will radiate that love back and that's
     what I experienced, meeting all you dogs.  All your dogs were so amazingly friendly and huggable.
     They were also very comfortable in their (very clean) environment.

     That made me confident in your qualities as a breeder and decided right then to pursue a puppy
     from your farm.
     I realise now too that your profession is not all that easy. When you love your dogs, you get
     attached to them and how can you let them go to new unknown places? That seems to me
     the hardest part.
     Noticed also that Juliette knew her name already when I came to pick her up.
     You must have been training her on that name in the weeks before.

     Well, the good part is that you could come and visit us any time you like or go
     on line and see the pictures and video.
     I downloaded a video on "You Tube". here's the link:
     There you can see how skilful Juliette is in pulling tails :))

     It was a good day when we met and with a wonderful result.
     Thank you again so much for letting me have her. She's more than I hoped for.
     aiko (&Thomas)

(Romeo and Miyah baby 2009)

HI Stephanie and Len,  
Thought you might enjoy a photo of our little "big" Lucy.  
She is the best puppy ever and we love her dearly!  
She is sleeping wonderfully at night and doesn't whine much at all.  
We're still working on the house training- it's hard with the kids as they are not as vigilant
in watching her when she's out and about in the house.  
The cats are starting to get over the fact that she is now a member of the family.  |
They were very unhappy about her arrival!  She would love to have them play with her and she tries to
engage them daily, but so far...not interested! Can't thank you enough for such a wonderful dog.  
She is so smart and is growing by the minute I think!  She was great in the car on the way
home and seems to like everyone she meets.  Hope you are all doing well and hopefully
enjoying a little puppy break!  Thanks again.  We'll keep you updated on the adventures of Lucy.

Hi.  Thought I would write and give you a quick update on Patience and
send a couple photos.  She is very...well, patient.  As you can see from the photo
where she decided to take a nap at the vets.  She is also extremely social. 
Every person that comes up to her,
which is a lot as she is the only pyr in town, gets her full attention,
including plenty of kisses.   As of now she is basically housebroken. 
Only accidents that happen are when we
aren't paying attention.  Guess we need more training haha. 
She sleeps through the night in her crate without any issues. 
She loves playing with Josh
our 3 year old.  They are always following each other around. 
She even likes stealing his stuffed animals from his bed! 
Where you find one of them, the other is right there. 
Really cute.  We are extremely happy with her. 
Brenda has even been looking at your sight at your new litter. 
I have to keep telling her no.  It's our first dog, and any mistakes we make
in training I don't want to do to another dog. 
I'm sure she would love a playmate, but not right now. 
Thank you for such a wonderful dog, we couldn't be happier with her. 
Hopefully next time we will be able to go out
there and get the dog.  I would love to see the farm.  Anyway,
I will try to email in another month or so, with another update. 
Thanks again!  Aaron and Brenda


 Stephanie, I wanted to send you this picture of Juliet and the new cria. 
          The cria's mother will not let the dogs come anywhere near the baby. 
Juliet decided she was going to let Maya(mother) know that she was
not going to harm the baby.  Juliet did not move a muscle when Maya came over. 
After Maya left the baby came to visit Juliet. 
 I was able to get a picture of the two.   Beth
Stephanie, Sending you some pictures of Romeo, Juliet and Snow Lily. 
Our first cria was born on April 21st.  The dogs have been very protective of the baby. 
I can hardly take any pictures without those two interferring. Ha! 
Romeo is huge!!!! I took his picture after brushing his hair.  He is probably getting
close to 150lbs.   He is a big boy.  Juliet is still sweet.  She smiles all the time.
The dogs have not had any intruders around the property to test their skills.
They work all night and sleep all day.  They are so funny when we give them rawhide bones.
   They have so many hidden around the pastures.  All of sudden Romeo will walk by with a bone.
That's when wrestle mania occurs with Juliet. In the mornings, Romeo will take his dish
out in the pasture and lay by it.  I guess he is ready to eat. When will we need to think
about adding another dog to our farm? 
I know when the dogs get to a certain age you want to bring a puppy into the mix.  
Hope all is well with your family. 
 Beth - Song Of The Suri Ranch

Hitching Post Brothers Maddy and Peanut babies
(Monte 2-08 and Matteo 3-09)

Hi Stephanie, it took a couple of days, but the brothers,
Monte and Matteo are good friends now.
We love the wrestling matches every night
Thanks, Mark


Aren't we cute!

Kane's graduation 5-09

Taking time out to smell the flowers with Mom!

Yost Family~Larwill, IN


Jeff, Jennifer and Samson


The Love of My Life
The pictures were taken last fall! Since then we've moved and Samson has a huge yard
to run and play in with deer to fend off and a little sister (Delila) to look out for.
He's gained 15 lbs since those pictures were taken and he keeps growing!
He's definitly filling out. He weighs 108lbs @ 15 months
and he's really been a blessing. He's so protective of me. And he's Jeff's best friend.

I just wanted to give you an update on our Roxie. She is the sweetest thing
and we love her so much. Her and our other dog Brody are inseperable.
She just went to the vet today. She is 4.5 months and weighs 55lbs and the vet said
she is a very healthy girl. We have decided we will
never own a dog that is not a great pyrenees again:)

Thanks again,
Tammi and Wendy


Hi, Stephanie.
         We wanted to let you know how happy we are with Justice. 
         He has such a sweet disposition.  He almost never barks and was
potty trained in just a few days.  He gets along great with the kitties
and everyone comments about how beautiful he is. 
         He is almost four months now and has been such a joy to have.
         Justin & Tequila

Hi Len & Stephanie - This is a picture of Diamond, at 3 1/2 months old.
       She is like the energizer bunny and is just a lovable addition to our family.
           She is great with the kids and prances around the house everywhere they go.
She loves being outside and enjoys playing in the snow.
Thank you so much for our beautiful girl!!!
The Pahls - Lake in the Hills, IL


Whitesell family visit from Anchorage, Alaska
to pick up "Cash"
December 2008


                Dear Mom Pearl and Dad Peanut,

My kids thought that it would be a good idea if I wrote to you back at the farm
and let you know how I am doing. Yesterday was my 5 month birthday...and I weigh pretty close to 70 lbs !!
  I had my surgery last week to get neutered, and am doing just great ! I couldn't be more happier,
I love my new home and my new friends.  Life here in Valparaiso is just great.
Last week we got over 10" of Lake effect was so much fun, 
I just ran and jumped and ran and jumped.
My Shetland Sheepdog friend had a hard time getting through it,
and our human Mom had to dig a path for her in the snow. Not for me !
I ran all over the yard.  The windier and snowier, the better.
I can't wait until we get more.  My Sheltie friend and I have a lot of fun playing together.
The first pic I sent is of her and I relaxing in the back yard. The second pic is one of me
with my soccer ball These pics were taken when I was just over 3 months old.
I still enjoy soccer, but relaxing is really more my speed. 
 I love to spend time with my kids. In the morning I wake them up to go to school,
helping our human Mom get them out of bed. They love it when I poke their bellies with my nose,
and try to climb into bed with them. I miss them when they are at school.
 I really like to go for rides in our van, my favorite place being Dunkin' Donuts.
I've figured out if I stick my big head close enough to the drive through window,
they will give me a Munchkin donut, usually all the time. The girls at the coffee stand love to give me
treats when we visit there as well. They think I'm so big, they say I just keep growing and growing !
My kids like that I am so big...I like to go and sit in the middle of the family room, waiting.
Eventually all 3 kids will hug and pet me, and I just sit so still and let them. They are very gentle with me,
so I am very gentle with them.
  I like to rough house with my Sheltie friend, and even though she is only 10 lbs, she really gives me
  a run for my money ! I'd love to play with the 2 cats that live here also,
but I don't think they really want to play with me.
That's ok, with the other dog and my 3 little people, there is plenty to do.
I hope all is well with you...have a very Happy Thanksgiving !
Monty Brown
Pyr friend of the Allen's
Valparaiso, IN

King at Mishler's Tiara Farm - Indiana

     May 2009                                           Feb 2009          

August 2008

Queen and King

August 2008

Hi Stephanie & Len,
Here is a picture of Winter and Simon sharing dinner one day.  As of our Vet visit last Wednesday for her next set of shots, Winter weighed in at 22.5 lbs.  She is such a good puppy.  Sleeps almost the entire night, lovable, good natured, great listener and extremely bright.  She already knows how to come to Marie when called once, even from another room in the house.  She goes for walks every day, and we have a small kiddie pool that she and Simon love to splash around in.  We are enjoying our new member of our family so much.   Hope all is going well for you.
Tom and Marie - IL


Yakszu and Morgan Family ~Kalamazoo, MI

I thought you might enjoy this picture I snapped of Sasha yesterday. One of our chicks has decided Sasha is her new mom. She follows her around everywhere. It is too cute!

Sasha Lee is great! Words cannot describe how much we love her. She is a dream puppy to own. I have never been around anything but sporting breeds so to raise a pup that actually lays down is wonderful! She follows all of us around like a shadow and if she's outside by herself, she is content laying in the shade with the goats (whom she loves) or just sleeping on the front porch. She also has discovered our pond and LOVES the water. My boys love her to pieces and brag about their new Great Pyrenees everywhere we go.
Everyone who meets her is so impressed with her temperament and beauty. Her eyes, by the way, are gorgeous!
&nbShe is my little angel girl.                        -Ulitin- CA

Sasha from Roxie and Max-2008

Here are a few pictures of Toby and Pixie. The names seem to fit them well. They settled right in on the ride back and are now walking fine on their leashes. So far, no accidents and they love the woods. They seem to be quick learners (Thank God!) and hopefully will not get into too much trouble!

Pixie and Toby from Max and Roxies litter-2008

 We have decided to name our puppy Pearl. Barry picked the name after one of his company's newest products:. She is adjusting beautifully to her new home. She loves the kids and our other 2 dogs and follows them everywhere. They are all getting along just great and the transition has been very smooth. She is such a sweet girl and we adore her. She tucked the kids in bed last night after a busy day exploring her new home.
Thanks again we will keep in touch.   ~Stadler-IN

From Roxie and Max-2008

I cannot thank you enough for breeding such a wonderful Great Pyrenees. Sasha is just amazing. She is sweet, outgoing and loves everyone and everything. She shadows my two boys EVERYWHERE they go and is getting along with the goats just fine! She is definitely a great match for us!
Today at her vet appointment she fell sound asleep on the exam table. Nothing bothers her! Her check up by the way, was an A+++. My vet said she is perfect!
Thank you again for this perfect girl. We all love her!         The Ulitins ~Napa, CA

From Peanut and Maddy-2008

The puppies are great!  We have named them Hitching Post Farms Blue (we are calling him Hitch) and Hitching Post Farms Freckles, they  are wonderful!!! They saw my vet yesterday and got their shots and were the hit of the day. Can't explain how much I love them already!!

-Wortman- MT

From Maddy and Peanut & Roxie and Max-2008

Samson is doing great!  He's doing very well on his leash and even learned "lay down" and "stay" today while I was packing. He's an amazing doggie.   You have no idea how much for me a blessing Samson is as well how wonderful it was to find your Farm. You're kind hearted gentle spirit has left a wonderful impression on me. Thank you for everything and that is much more than just being a good breeder.

-Morgan- IN

From Peanut and Maddy-2008

  Zuko is doing wonderful. He is now taking one on one personal training classes and is doing very good.  He loves running through the sprinklers and playing in the fountain in the backyard.  He currently weighs 40.2 lbs. He goes every 3 weeks for check ups and shots.  He is a great joy to us and we love him dearly. -Mendicino- CA

From Pearl and Max litter-2008

Hi Shari!
Thought I should check in with you on puppy. He is
doing great! SO much different than Charlie was. He is
shy but has definitely become comfortable, he is very
vocal, loving and playful. Follows me everywhere. I
have yet to figure out how to convince them that there
is no secret escape door in the bathroom and that I
will come back out the same way I went in ! LOL!
. We ended up
naming him Sam because he is just a Sam. His
registered name is Winter's Frosted River Aspen. I
know it doesn't mean anything since he won't be bred
but its still fun creating them. Used names from his
pedigree as I did with Charlie. Had to reach a little
more this time though!
Training is going well, he is pretty much house
trained just have accidents if I don't get to the door
in time. Thanks so much!
-Braught- SD

From Missy and Peanut- 2008

    Just wanted to send you an update on Colt.  He is doing wonderfully and is such a well behaved little guy.  He knows sits, come and down.  Still has "stay" to master.  He and Bella are best buds now, although for the first couple days, Bella was afraid of him!  She ran from him, and little Colt ran right after her.  It was adorable, he just wanted to say hi and play, but Bella couldn't quite figure out how to act around him.  It was quite a surprise, as Bella turns into a romp and play puppy the minute she meets another dog, but for some reason, she was afraid of Colt!  We think she just might have not be used to puppies, as all of the dogs in our neighborhood are fully grown.  But they play and take naps together now, and when Colt goes into his crate at night, Bella will mosey over and start scratching on the cage to wake him up to play! He's absolutely precious. Thank you again for all of you work, care and love that goes into your program!!      -the Steinmanns-MD

From Missy and Peanuts litter- 2008

Bella also from The Hitching Post

Atticus is the new protector of all these precious "fluffy friends"  there are 39 rescues in all that are cared for in the most loving way you can imagine by Jenna Vennoy in KY.  She has a very special place in her heart for these little ones that others could not care for or we're mistreated. Atticus is just having a ball playing with them and already beginning to watch over them as he has a huge task ahead of him.  Jenna say's everything is going great and her place is now complete with her new "Gentle Giant". Atticus is from Pearls 2008 litter.

"The Gang Atticus is protecting"

    I just want to wish you and your family a very happy Easter! I 
hope you all have a blessed day. Atticus is doing wonderful! He is 
just a "Prince" of a puppy.  I think each day I love him more than the 
day before.  He is doing so well with Puppy Kindergarten--we have 
been to two lessons, and he is the best behaved puppy in class! It is 
a nice small group--there are two Puggles, a Boxer, a Pit Bull, a Toy 
Poodle, and Atticus. Last week, the teacher used Atticus to 
demonstrate the "lie down" because he picked it up so quickly. I was 
so proud of him!! We weighed the puppies on a scale at class, and as 
of last Wednesday, Atticus weighed 31 pounds at 11 weeks--he is going 
to be a BIG boy!! We go to the vet on Tuesday for his twelve week 
booster, and I know they will be amazed at the clinic at how much he 
has grown! He continues to love his pack here at home, and is still 
playing nicely with them. You were right--he is a VERY special puppy, 
and I am so very glad that I got him and made him part of our family. 
I honestly don't believe that there is another puppy/dog out there 
better suited for our situation than Atticus. He is just a gem, and 
then some! I could go on and on, but he continues to amaze me on a 
daily basis. I am very grateful that we have him, and very 
appreciative to you for breeding such a kind and loving dog and 
recommending that he was the right puppy for us. He most certainly is, 
and I couldn't be more pleased!


Just thought I'd give you some Grace news.  She seems to be doing very well.  Is already up to 21 pounds as of Tuesday at the vet.  She has walked up the staircase on her own and is handling smaller sets of stairs well.  Flying up and down them may be a better description.  She has also taken to her crate very well.  Was sleeping through the night on her 3rd night and really only cried when she needed to go potty.  We've had some successes with the house breaking, but still is having accidents without warning.
She loves Prancer.  When we got home Sat., she was still nervous from the car ride, but as soon as she saw him, her tail went up, started wagging and she started dancing all over.  She follows him everywhere and loves to chew on his ears and tail.  He is being patient and seems to like her, but is trying to let her know who is boss.  Doesn't faze her one bit.
So that's the short of it.  She plays vigorously and loves to give kisses.  The vet and everyone has loved her, and of course, we do too!   She definitely gives lots of opportunity for getting some funny shots.

Grace meets Prancer

Grace from Missy's litter- 2008

Magic is now retired and living life to the fullest with retirees George and Ann in Indiana..  He loves them dearly and continues to be a faithful companion.

I got a GP from you three years ago, and I’m writing to you to tell you
is the best dog in the world! I got him a rescued GP about 6 months
Ago, and she had some aggression issues, so sadly I had to take her back…
I have attached a picture that was taken the summer before last…
He’s a great companion and very smart…and loud…Ha



Lilly and Megan Christmas 2007 from Indiana


Isabelle with her 2 favorite girls at Christmas 2007

 Eli is doing wonderfully!
We just got back from our first trip to the cabin with
him, and let me tell you, this guy LOVES the water.
He only likes to go in far enough so his feet are
touching the ground, but he spent HOURS out there just
playing in/on/around the beach area.
Guinness and Eli are best of friends, and I just can't
believe how big he is. We often call him Mr. Grey from
time to time due to his fleece collar you gave him,
and the constant color of his coat!! He loves to play
in the mud!
  Now that Eli has developed qutie a personality I would say he
must be so similar to what Magic is like!
I think he must weigh about 60-70lbs by now, and boy is he WIDE!
So, I just thought I would say hi. And let you know
how great he is doing.  We honestly could'nt love him
any more than we do.  He is just spectacular, and so smart!!

-Gene & Chelsea- MN

We would like to thank you for a truly amazing addition to our family.  Our Great Pyrenees, Isabelle (now 11 wks old), has adjusted quite well and loves to play with our children and our younger Pomeranian.  Training has been easy and a lot of fun.  She learned to "sit" within one training session and "lay down" in two.  "Come" is a little bit more of a challenge, but with time she has been responding better.  She hasn't had one poop accident yet and she has learned to whine at the door when she wants to go out.

What a treasure she is!  This breed is definitely different from any other breed we have owned, but we are so happy we decided to add her to the list of breeds we have had.
I have to commend you on the way you handle your breeding program.  You are excellent at communicating with your customers and you were always quick to respond to any questions.  It is apparent that you truly love these dogs!  The extensive amount of info you supply your customers with proves your dedication to making sure your puppies go to good homes and that the new owners are able to care for them as you would.  We also appreciate the amount of time you allowed when choosing our puppy.  This is a dog we will have for a decade or more and having the time to choose just the right one has definitely proven to be to our advantage. 
Thanks again for everything you have done and we look forward to a long friendship with you over the years.  We will continue to send pictures as she grows.   -   The Steward Family - MI



Isabelle is doing great at 7 months.  She just got spayed last week and did very well (weighing 48 pounds).  She doesn't even bother her sutures too much.  She has really become by buddy.  She come with me to drop the girls off at school and even comes to pick them up.  The school principal comes out nearly every day just to see Isabelle!
We spent some of the summer camping with our new camper.  Isabelle came with us, of course, and loved it!  She just fits in no matter what we are doing.  Basically, as long as she is with us, she's happy.  She is doing better with the anxiety.  I'm sure if she had it her way, we'd never leave. 
   She is so beautiful!  I have to say, she is the most fun to own.  EVERYONE is interested in her and stops to ask us questions.  I just love it!

Isabelle- 7 mths  (from Sugar and Magic)

I wanted to write a quick note to you with an update on Isabelle.  She is simply the BEST!  Recently, I have been going through some health problems with my heart.  I was taken to the hospital and had to stay the night (the doctors are unsure what the problem is).  Since the day I returned home, Isabelle hasn't left my side.  If I am in bed for the day, she is laying right next to me.  What a wonderful guardian angel I have.  The first morning my husband had to go to work after I returned home, she jumped up on the bed and just starred at me.  I am so lucky to have her in my life.  It's like my best friend wrapped in a white fur coat!  As you can see from the pictures, she is a solid part of the family and (unlike any other large breed dog I have owned) she is allowed on our furniture!  Somehow, her warm heart melted mine. 

Isabella at 10 mths

Avalanche owned by Jessica and Jammar- KY
       (puppy out of Meg and Kovu)

                                  8 weeks                                       almost 1 year                                        


    We just wanted to thank you for the most wonderful companion we could ever ask for. Mica has brought so much to our family. She goes just about everywhere with us and everyone wants to take her home with them. My dad never wants her to leave his house. She loves to take walks, as long as they aren't too long. We took her to walk in the french quarter in New Orleans. We did have to keep stopping so she could rest but she did love it. She got so much attention. She did show her guardian instincts. She has NEVER had an accident in her kennel or in the house since we received her. She is very well behaved. She still loves to chew and chew everything. When she gets too excited we can calm her down by scratching her belly. That makes her calm down instantly. Again thank you soo much for the best dog in the world.                            The Picou Family.-LA  

We just wanted to let you all know how Lela is she is about well really close to 5months old and weighs in at 63lbs. Hopefully she will be really big. We love her to death though she has become such a big part of our family I don't know what my wife would do with out her. She's been really healthy she will be getting spayed here next month but other than that nothing major. Her hobbies are digging, digging and more digging and chewing but she also love the beach and the sand she likes the water but not when its coming in fast only when its calm. She's so great thanks so much for our wonderful monster as our parents put it.     -Mix-FL


I just wanted to pass some photos along of Sampson.  He is getting bigger everyday and having a great time with kids (Dylan and Skyler)!  His training is coming along well and he has a few commands down.  His housebreaking has really progressed.   We just got a lot of snow so he and Sadie (our Elkhound) have been having a great time outside.  He still has a puppy look but the bark of a full grown dog.  Thanks again for the wonderful puppy.  We will send you more photos as he continues to grow.  Thanks Again - Matthew & Correne - NJ


Irene retired this fall and found her new home in Kentucky along with her son Napoleon guarding Alpaca's on the Davidson farm.  Both are doing great and loving their new life.


Dear Shari,

    Thought we would drop you a line to let you know that our "Oso" is doing great!  Oso is very healthy and is loved by everyone he meets.  We walked in our local Christmas parade and everyone wanted to buy him.  Attached are some pictures taken recently. He totally completes our family!    - Albrecht-OH

Oso helping out at the vets office 

Madison is the most wonderful dog!  He is a trickster but so loveable.  He loves to pick an item that doesn't belong to him and race off to his kennel to hide it or chew it.  Last night he found an old newspaper and took in his the kennel to shred it.  He also loves to gather tree branches (some are 6 feet long) and he carries them up on the back porch.  He is growing rapidly and learns quickly what he is supposed to do or not do. He is the best puppy we've ever had!                  -Crouch- WV

Madison at 4 mths

Madsion at 6 mths.

Madison at 10 mths.

New additions from the HP- Ella and Anna

Ella at 9 months

Anna at 9 months

Hi Shari,
It was great to hear from you. I hope your holidays were as happy as ours. Bear is doing great. He follows me everywhere. He is such a sweetheart!! He was 32.8 lbs at his last vet appointment at 12 weeks and has definitely gained since then. My mother says he looks like he doubles in size every time she sees him!!
II appreciate everything you did for us, and just want to thank you. I know I was really unsure of getting a pup through the computer because you never know if someone's just scamming you-there was already one review!  on puppy find and you had so many testimonials on your website that I took a chance & now I'm glad I did.
                  -Heather Love- Canada                                                          

Hi Shari and family,

Thom and I want to wish you a very joyous holiday season!  We hope you are all doing well.  I am attaching a recent pic of Bosley and Murphy.  They are the best dogs - real pals and we enjoy watching them romp and play together.  This past spring our city opened an off-leash park where they can play with lots of other dogs.  Bosley is very social and playful, Murphy somewhat shy, but both well behaved. 
Thanks for such great companions.
Have a wonderful New Year!
        -Debra and Tom- MN


Laila at 14 mths from New Jersey with Santa- 2006

"Lovely Lilly" with the Olson kids Christmas 2006 in new Jersey

Hi Shari!
I have good news! I am now the proud owner of a
Pyrenees, who thinks he is a lap dog. No Kidding.

You know how we played the leave him alone game? Well,
I went back to that but stepped it up a little and
started giving him the cold shoulder. You know, before
I wouldn't bother him but I would talk to him and
such. This time, I didn't. I totally ignored him.
Couple days of that and he started coming out and
sitting by me within a few feet, I ignored him. Then
he started coming right up to my side and not to let
him win to easily I still ignored him and would walk
away. Then he started to follow me around, although
maintained a certain distance.. so I continued to
ignore him. We played this game for a few days and
then the other night as I was sitting on the floor I
had Toby in my lap. Charlie came up and sat down right
beside me and I looked over at him, he looked away. So
I turned myself around so that my back was to him and
he finally snapped. He walked around the front, stuck
his nose under Toby's butt and pushed him out of my
lap and crawled in and started to lick my face. It
just floored me!

Now he is following me around the house, comes when I
call him, leans against me when I  am stopped and
competes for lap time. I am having a little bit a
jealousy going on from Toby, but we will ok.

And training, I don't say a word to him. I just hold
both sides of his face and push him (gently) back or
down or in the direction he needs to go and it is
working. He is going to the door and barking when he
wants out, staying down from jumping up and will just
place one paw up on your leg. Everything.. show him
once or twice, he has got it and we move on to the
next thing. I think because we were working on these
things before and he knew what I wanted but now it
matters to him that he is doing the right thing.
Anyway, I can't tell you how nice it is to finally be
able to see his personality. He is just so loving, and
such a big baby. He has come around with everyone. My
daughter likes to lay on the floor and watch  TV and
will go and lay down across her back and start picking
at her hair or some other silly thing.
He is just so wonderful and is turning into everything
I imagined he would be. 

And thanks for our baby. We are going to be just fine.

"Winters Magic Nickel"-Charlie

Charlie loves soaking up some rays!

Charlie 72 lbs. at 7 mths.

Charlie at 10 mths.


Charlie at 18mths

It was a miracle that day I found your website.  It had not been very long since we had lost our Pyr. Emily.  One day we came for a visit to see your place and visit with the dogs.  We loved it as soon as we could see it down the road.  Our visit went well and we we're so impressed with how good all the dogs were.  When we came we knew we wanted another Pyr. but before we had left we had made plans to get 2.  One from Irene's litter and one from Sugar's litter.  After the puppies were born we made several trips with our grandkids to visit with the puppies.  One visit our son came along and they reserved a puppy as well.  The grandkids just love your place, they would take all the puppies if they could!

   Lilly and Megan are 85 lbs. now and will be 1 yr. in Feb. and March.  We have a quite a group in bed with us every night including our little dog!
  Thank you for all you do to bring happiness to people with your dogs, we would refer anyone to you.                                 -Smiths-IN



Our beautiful Gandalf, out of Roxie's 4/14/05 litter is doing great. 
Such a big, beautiful, docile boy.                 -Finley's-OR

Hey Shari!,

     Thanksgiving was great with Bella, she caused quite a stir, as everyone can't get over how adorable she is.  When we brought her into the room to show everyone before dinner, they all let out an unanimous "Awww".. haha  She's doing great with crate training, and loves tugging at the newspaper whenever someone's reading it, lol.   Happy Holidays!, -Steinmann-MD

"Bella a true Colts Fan!"

Bella at 7 mts.

     It's been awhile since we last updated you guys on Bella Rose.  She's doing absolutely wonderful.  Now that she's getting older, she has become our giant lapdog.  lol   She follows all of us everywhere, even if it's just to get up to get the remote!  Her guardian instincts are blossoming as she must know where everyone is at all times, and lays down for the night in a location where she can see everyone and the front door.  She LOVES to cuddle and curls up in our laps the minute we sit down.  Even if someone's sitting on the floor, she'll come up and lay her head down in their lap.  She loves everyone she meets and is very gentle and nurturing around children.    She's absolutely precious and we would like to thank you and your family again for all of your hard work, love and care you put into your program. 

Bella at 10 mths.

Bella at 1 year

Hi and Happy Holidays, Shari!
This is just a note to let you know that Anniebel is the Queen of our hearts.  Both of my sons and their wives  want to "babysit" her.  And, of course, my husky, Troika, is absolutely in love with her.  Picture this --- I look down the hall to the living room and see Troika lying on the floor (facing one direction) and Anniebel straddled across his back trying to bite his waving tail.  If that wasn't a Kodac moment I've never seen one.  It's wonderfully brisk and cool here, and Troika has taught Annabel all about going out for potty, etc.  She goes out after every "play engagement," meal, naptime (she just collapses in the kitchen for naps a couple times a day, and I gently put her in her crate where she sleeps like the baby she is,) and she is doing beautifully.  She has met the Pekinese next door (my neighbor and I have a gate between our properties) so Anniebel goes over there to visit each morning for a bit, while Troika waits by the gate for her to come back.)  In short, her social calendar is full and she is Queen!
                            -Mary Jo Perkins- VA

Anniebel is tall, beautiful, healthy, and loving beyond any dog I've ever known. Her best friend is a German Shepherd puppy (5 months old, now, who spends her days and nights with us while her mom works. One night the pup was crying in her sleep on my couch. Anniebel got up on the couch and literally cradled the pup with her body, put her big paw gently over the pup's legs, and rested her head on the pup. I've never seen such tenderness in a dog. Thank you and Happy Autumn.


Hi Shari,

Here are a few pics of Clipper--thought you might like an update.  He's doing great.  Our vet loves him.  He says Clipper has a wonderful temperament and looks perfect.  Last week the vet said, "Where did you get this dog again?"  Of course, I told him.  He said you must have some really good dogs.

Clipper usually accompanies me through the day, at the office, at home with the fam, or waiting in the Jeep during miscellaneous appointments.  Susie and the girls love him.  He faithfully keeps an eye on the girls (Emma 4, Mary 1).  He hates when they go behind closed doors.  He even stands watch during bath time.

The characteristics Clipper demonstrates are exactly the reason we choose the Pyrenees.  He is very friendly with people yet not obnoxious.  Everyone comments how soft he is.  He loves the girls.  He is calm.  He is devoted, attentive, and quite obedient.  He fetches--kind of unusual for a Pyrenees I hear.  He lays at the center-point of the house where he can watch the two big rooms and the hallway to the bedrooms.  He housebroke well.  He rings a large jingle bell on the door knob when he wants out. 

Thanks for Clipper!  The Bergs-OH

Picking up Clipper at The Hitching Post Farm

Clipper with Emma

Clipper at 4 mth

Clipper and Mary

Nittany, out of Meg and Kovu,  at 17 months, we are very happy with our choice and wouldn't trade her for the world.       -Ellis- KY


Dear Shari and Wallace Family,
I can’t believe it’s Korbelle’s 1st Birthday already (September 25th). I have included several photos for you to see how much she has grown.

My daughter entered Korbelle in our local county fair through 4-H. She took a blue ribbon (1st) in obedience, a red (2nd) in showmanship, and a blue (1st) in the costume class. Morgan dressed up as Little Bo Peep and Korbelle was her sheep.

Korbelle has completed her puppy, basic and advanced obedience classes. She has also done some agility work at our trainer’s facility. Korbelle did really well with the tunnels, sway bridge and large a-frame. She didn’t like the teeter-totter. In November, I am having Korbelle tested to be a therapy dog. I think she should do real well.

Korbelle will now consistently ring her bell to go outside to go potty or to just go outside. Korbelle has also started to develop her guarding instinct. When people come over to our house, she will bark at them and then come and stand by us. When we tell her it is okay, she will settle down and go greet them.

We camped a few times over the summer and Korbelle has adjusted very well to the camper. She doesn’t stay in a crate as there isn’t room for one. She has made herself at home on the couch or on the kid’s beds. This is the only place she is allowed on any furniture. She also loves the water.

Thanks again for raising such beautiful dogs. Korbelle is just the sweetest dog and we are glad that she is a part of our family.  

Rhonda Hoffer

The Hoffer Family  


We can't say enough about Yukon.  He is gorgeous, very playful and full of life.  He is 5 months old now and just started his training.  Yukon has been such a wonderful addition to our family.  I'm so glad we found your farm on the internet, after searching and searching so many breeders we knew that Yukon was 'the one' as soon as we saw his picture.  Shari, you were so wonderful to do business, very organized and not to mention always there to answer all of our questions.  I would highly recommend you and your farm to anyone looking for a loving puppy to bring into their home.&nb-The Roach Family,  AZ-

After searching  for several years to find a female Great Pyrenees that had the features that we wanted. We  finally found everything  in one beautiful package. We highly recommend The Hitching Post Family Farm. They have been very honest, upfront and wonderful to work with. We love them and their dogs are top Quality. We have also just purchased a Saint Bernard from them. I can honestly say with Shari and The Hitching Post Family Farm, What you see is what you get. We love our Pups.s what you get. We love our Pups.  

-Roark and Felicia-SC

Hi Shari,
It's Amber, I purchased a Great Pyrenees in May. I just wanted to let you
know that he is doing great (he is already over 60#, and very muscular), and
Dan and I couldn't be happier with Bonz (bones).  He does like to get into
everything, but we keep him busy most of the time.  He's already been
rollarblading, well he was running with us, and camping with us.  I included
some pictures of him camping and tubing down the river with us.  Amazingly,
he even fell asleep.  I wanted to thank you for the wonderful dog, we love
him sooo much, and I can't wait to get home from work to his big tail
wagging with excitement to see me.  Everyone who meets Bonz falls in love
with him instantly.  Oh yea, and we used the name Sir Bonz Fairmont for his
papers, so we'll always remember where we got him.  You and your family
truely made this exciting time for me a wonderful experience.  
   -Siedler- WI                       




    Dear Shari. It's hard to believe that he is 12 weeks old already. He weighed in at 30 pounds this morning. Went for his second vet check Monday. Everything is proceeding fine health wise. We can't get over how intelligent this animal is. If he is only operating at 70% of brain capacity now he may be training us when the other 30% kicks in. The cats have adjusted rather quickly and now tolerate him fairly well. As you can see my male cat, Buddy, actually plays well with him.  Will keep you updated on Kuvos progress periodically.
    Thanks again for such a wonderful new member of our family.  

    Just a short note to let you know that Betsy and Roger are friends now. We had to muzzle Betsy for a week until she got used to Roger being here. Now she shares everything with him. Even tries to herd him when I call him and he is distracted by something and doesn't come right away.  

    I am so pleased with Roger. He has never cried, not even the first night. He is such a good pup, so very smart. He just loves the water too. All day long he gets in and out of the ponds, always has mud all over him. Ha!  The only time he is clean is in the morning when I let him out of the kennel.  It amazes me how the mud and dirt disappears overnight and he is white and fluffy again. 

    I am surprised on a daily basis as to his intelligence. It is hard to believe that he is only 3 months old!!  He already sits when told. He usually comes when called, does know his name. But when he is on a mission,( a poo, or a much needed dip in the water ),

    he is determined to finish his business first. But as soon as he has accomplished what he wanted to do, he comes running.   I really did not expect to have a puppy that acted more like an adult dog as far as his behavior. All it takes is 1 no and he leaves our things alone and plays with his toys.  I could go on and on about how amazing he is, but you already know since you have the parents

    Well, just wanted you to know that everything has turned out ok.  I will keep you updated from time to time. If you are ever down this way stop and say hello.


    Klondike is adapting well with his new family.  He loves the water!  I
    have a kiddy pool that I fill up for the Border Collies and he will jump
    in and wrestle with the hose.  The other day I had the sprinkler on my
    garden and he was bi-Levay- MI

    Our little girl is sure growing up.  She is a CHUNK of pure muscle.  She's really developing quite a personality and now that she's 9 months old she can't decide is she a teenager that needs to rebel once in a while, or does she act like a grown-up and cuddle and love up on us?  She's too funny.  We have cuddle sessions every morning when we get up, and every evening when we come home from work.  Then, of course, there's the romping and playing and the times when she just has to see if she can just mouth us one last time before she gives it up.  All of which is done while she is upside down on her back grinning at me....She's so cool!!! -Moss- ILhe's so cool!!

    I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Coconut and to let you know that she is doing great.  She behaves every word we say except for those occasional days where she wants to do what she wants.  We absolutely love her and I'm so happy that I found you.  She even made best friends with my auntie's golden retriever Simba.  

    Just wanted to send you a note and let you know that Sophie was wonderful coming back home.  She was so good and adaptive as we went through each stage of our trip, and she cried whenever she had to get out to go to the bathroom.  As long as I was in physical contact with her, rubbing her head and talking to her, she was happy.  As you can see, she is adapting so well, and we absolutely LOVE each other.  She is eating and drinking well.  She is already guarding the cats and trying to play with my shepherd.  She sleeps at the head of my bed on the floor and if she is on my bathrobe she is happy.  THANK YOU.  It was great to be able to meet with you.reat to be able to meet with you.  -Julie Watros-CA

    Thought I  would let you know that all is well here with Brutus (aka Mud Bucket).  He loves the rain and loves digging in some sand I have by the deck.  He ends up with it all over him.  He is the greatest!  Barks to go out.  He also plays some and barks to go out then turns smiles at you, and barks to come right back in again.  He is winning lots of hearts in the neighborhood.  He did show his territorial side yesterday when Greg took him for a walk.  They got back and some guy with a lab walked by.  Brutus doesn't know this person, drew his stance and let out a nasty growl.  Greg was quite surprised.  Then on the other hand we went to his brothers and he got to play with his 2 year old lab cousin Oliver.  They were so cute.  Oliver just let him bite him all over and they wrestled.  They wore each other out. He is such a joy and so sweet.  Thank you so much for raising such beautiful such beautiful dogs.
                             -McDonough- PA


    Emma, our Pyrenees is a year and 3 months now (from Jolie and Buddies New Year's 2005 litter) and is such a great part of our family!  She was an inside dog for the most part, but when the weather became cool last fall, she whined and whined to be outside all of the time, so she is now a part of the outside pack!  And she loves it!  Our other dogs will be in their dog shed during freezing days, while Emma just sleeps in the center of the yard with this "now this is the life!" look on her big white face!  She comes in every once in a while to play with our 11 month old daughter, as seen in the pictures, and she loves it!  Emma is always by her side when indoors.  She allows Bekah to pull at her fur, climb over her and screech at her, and she is such a big fluffy puppy who just loves it!  She barks more than we thought, though we were warned when we bought her! 

    We have trained her to stay quiet for the most part at night Although the beagle, a perpetual barker, can get her going sometimes! We don't mind her bark, and the neighbors don't either.  After all she is the "alarm" for the neighborhood!    She is 105# now. We just love her to pieces and continue to be thankful we got her!  Thanks so much!        -Baker-IN


    Indy is doing great and loves the other Great Pyrenees here on our farm, she has just fit in so well and we love her so much.   
                  -Windy Ridge Acres- NC

    Indy just had her first litter and is a great mom to 7 healthy pups.

    Just thought I would let you know Wizard is doing great.  He is huge now, weighing in at 97lb. and not even a year old.  He is larger than both of our females.  But Emily is still the boss.  

    Wiz is a great dog, and we enjoy him alot.  Cinderella and he have bonded and they play all the time.  He has bonded with the goats also.  He has turned out to be a very laid back boy.   Thanks 

    Adam and I wanted to share some pictures of Angel with our new baby Isaiah. 
    Isaiah was born December 27th (also my birthday) at 4:34am and weighed 7lbs
    15oz.  He is such a sweet boy and we love him so much.  Angel has been
    nothing short of wonderful with him and loves him as her own. She is so
    gentle with him and we can lay Isaiah on the floor and know that Angel will
    no harm him. (but of course we still supervise them :) Angel got to be
    present for Isaiah's birth since I had a homebirth and she watched intently
    the entire time and never got scared or roudy.  And ever since she has
    followed me around and watched intently as I care for Isaiah as if she is
    seeing to our safety.  Thank you so much for giving us such a welcome
    addition to our family!        -Sorenson-IN


    Korbelle is a great puppy. We've had her now for a little over 2 months and
    she seems like she has always been with us. Korbelle has the greatest
    disposition and has doubled in size. We are still working on the
    housetraining. It is more us now than Korbelle. She goes to the door and
    sometimes rings her bell, but we don't always catch her in time. She only
    had one accident in her crate since we brought her home and she is able to
    make it through the night. We have her enrolled in puppy kindergarten and
    has learned how to come, sit, down, eye contact, and we are working on
    loose leash walking and stay. She is suppose to learn a trick for class
    tomorrow night. I am teaching her shake, but she hasn't caught on yet.  The
    girls just love her. When their friends come over, she is the center of
    attention. On recent trips to Petco, she has also caused quite a stir.
                           -Hoffer Family-WI

    I wanted to let you know that our beautiful puppy Chloe residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is doing beautifully.  I want to send you the most recent pictures as soon as I get a free minute.  She is not only physically beautiful but has the best personality traits.  My whole neighborhood knows her and adores her.  Her face melts hearts.  She loves to walk and when she runs, she almost seem to float in the air like a bunny.

    She loves to ride in the car and I take her to visit my daughter in Gainesville, FL (5 hours away) without a problem.  Thank you for raising such beautiful animals.  She gets along with my other puppy, a German Shepard her age, very well.  She is no pushover and stands her ground (actually she is the instigator many times)
                    -Patty Morgan-FL


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