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Eleanor and Mercury Female
DOB 4-22-18

Wildfire and Mercury Pups!

Available Smiley female
Dob: November 4th 2017



Left to Right
Mercury, Imagine, Eleanor


Price of puppies:

$888.00 to pet homes
    $300 deposit to reserve puppy  

* Deposits are non-refundable

Gentle Giants

         " Guardianship begins as early as infancy"
Megs litter

"It continues into adulthood"
Madison from Irene and Magic




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As a baby





*Champion Sired

Maddy and Moose Girl

Moose and Rain Girl


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Macy's first baby 2009

Rain Melody Dozer


Puppies from Previous Litters

Sugar and Max 2008

Jolie and Kovu-2003

Missy and Peanut 2008


Baby Prudence

Roxie and Kovu-2004

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Sugar and Magic-2006

"Romeo" 2008

Rain and Moose 2014


Jolie and Kovu-2005

Meg and Kovu-2002


Lulu and Moose 2011

Irene and Magic - 2005

    The Great Pyrenees is a commanding animal of breathtaking beauty.  The breed got its origin in the southwest of France and the northeast of Spain in the circle of mountains and surrounding valleys inhabited by the Basque people.  The Great Pyrenees, known in France as Le Chien de Montagne Pyrenees (the dog of the Pyrenees Mountain), initially served as a livestock guardian.  The Great Pyrenees is one of the oldest breeds alive today  and are known for their colorful and well-known past in France.   The breed was brought to America in 1930 when Francis and Mary Crane from Needham, Massachusetts, fell in love with two adorable, snow-white puppies from France and began a breeding program in 1931.  If it wasn’t for the Crane’s involvement the breed would be extinct.


     The appearance of the Great Pyrenees is white or a principally white coat that may contain markings of badger, gray or varying shades of tan.  They possess a keen intelligence and a kindly, while regal, expression.  The height of the withers for a male is 27-32 inches and for a female it is 25-29 inches.  A males weight may vary from 100-115 pounds and a female at 85-100 pounds.

     The Great Pyrenees is blessed with great intelligence and is alert but very calm in nature.  A calm dog translates into a wonderful house dog that is satisfied with daily exercise and perhaps a 20-minute evening patrol of the backyard fence-just to make sure everything is safe.  Even though only working Pyrenees are required to perform guard duty, the pet Pyrenees still takes its guard work seriously-though in the home this translates to guarding family, home, and even small pets.  The Great Pyrenees is a loving, staunchly devoted dog to its family.  They are not overly friendly to strangers and tend to keep a polite but watchful eye on any strangers to their home.

     The Great Pyrenees can live happily in any environment or climate.  He will adjust to any temperature, home or atmosphere.  As a breed native to a temperate zone, the Great Pyrenees can accommodate easily to intensities of heat and cold.  The metabolism and body temperature of the breed are lower than that of most other breeds.

    As you have read in the material provided the Great Pyrenees is a large, loveable protective breed that will accommodate any family.  The Hitching Post Family Farm is dedicated, not to better the breed, that has already been done centuries ago, but to maintain the excellence, quality and proper health aspects of the breed.

Shannon with the "Colorado Girls"

Vincent with The Pyrs

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