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yes, the dog has antlers on, we couldn't help ourselves!!
myla is just the most wonderful dog, very sweet, smart and friendly...couldn't imagine
not having her at her last vet appt she was 32lbs....she doubled her size in a month,
but seems to have slowed down:) playing with other puppies in puppy class and jumping in leaf piles have been her favorite things so far (other than dinner time)
can't wait to see her with snow!!
thanks again for a great pup, happy holidays!!
jackie & myla

Halloween 2009                               Tubing summer 2009              

Hi Stephanie,
Our Murphy turned 2 on May 5th.(Sophie and Harley). I wanted to send you a picture of his new favorite love in life. I bought him a life jacket and decided to try this after he had shown an interrest in doing this when anyone was on the tube. He absolutly loves this and now our only problem will be is to get him to share.
Murphy loves the water we can't keep him out of the lake. He is on a mission to get all of the rocks out of the lake. He will actually stick his head under the water to get them. He also loves to play fetch with the kong in the water too. Everyone at the lake just thinks he is so funny. He loves to sit out at the end of the pier and watch people go by and point at him. He sits there as if to say "yeah I'm handsome, it's ok you can look". I'm a pretty boy" I just love this dog so much. Brian will say he knows the ranking in our house, Murphy first then Brian. He says he is spoiled rotten and I say pampered pooch.LOL.
Take Care, Cindy and Brian.

I have attached a couple of pics of our Hitching Post girl "Willow." ~ Tiffany

5-09                                                2-09
Hey Stephanie!!

            Sending you an updated picture of Shelby. She is doing wonderful and has such the personality now. Her and Bailey love playing together and get into such mischief. At her last vet appointment she weighed in at 18lbs, so she is growing like a weed. Thanks so much!!
~Tracy, Bailey and Shelby



Madison and Shelby

The Goodwin Sisters
Molly, Shelby, and Hailey


"Quincy" (Sophie Monty Litter 9-08)

Hi Stephanie and Len!
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Quincy was doing.
It's hard to believe he's 4 1/2 months old already.  He knows hand signals for sit and stay and we're working on down. He will give us his paw when we say "paw" and speaks on command. He is one of the most loving dogs I've ever owned and is a great addition to our family. He loves the snow!!! He is full of personality and I especially love the fact that he "talks" to us.
I've enclosed a picture of him as of today.
Shelley- Carmel, IN


"Dublin" (Maggie and Monty 11-08 litter)
Here are some recent pics of Dublin.
He has gained about thirty pounds in three months.  Enjoy, Jenn


Hi Stephanie and Len,

I just wanted to send you some pictures of Dublin at three months. He went to the vet on Monday and now weighs 20 pounds. Obviously, he is eating well and is a happy, growing puppy. He attends puppy pre-school and is doing a good job being socialized. Once the weather gets warmer he will have more opportunities to meet other dogs and people. - - Gleason Family

"Dooley" and brother Cashew
Washington, MI


Dan with Mom Sophie

Ann with Dan

~The Roebucks - Michigan

Hi Stephanie,
It's long overdue, but I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work with you. We love Tara. She is such a good dog. She and Heidi are still working out their territorial issues, but it's fun to watch. Tara is so well-behaved I almost can't believe it. She was almost completely potty trained when she arrived. She's a tough little dog (I guess that comes from living in the barn and being outside a lot). She acclimated easily to our family and is also very comfortable in her crate. She sleeps there at night until she gets a little older. She's very healthy and happy. And of course, she is beautiful! She has been a welcome addition for Heidi. They stay outside most of the day and run with each other. At four years old, Heidi gets more exercise than ever. I hope that all is well with you and your family. I wish we could have come to your farm to meet you personally. Next time we get a new puppy, I'm going to fly out from New Jersey to meet you. Take care.
Friends of Tara in Tewksbury New Jersey,
Cathy, Michael, Jessica & Nicole


Baby Bella Christmas 2008

(Sophie-Monty Litter 9-08)

Hi Stephanie,
Just wanted to let you know how much we're enjoying Obi! He has got
such a personality; still talks up a storm. He has certain rules that
we need to comply with, including: all dishtowels must be on the
floor, all shoes must be out of the closet (he doesn't chew on them,
he just likes to have them all within sight..). He's about 55#'s and
gets more handsome by the day. As you can see, he really enjoys the
snow-may have to import some this summer! Take care, Rose

Hi Stephanie,
Obi has settled right in, what a personality! He is still a talker and is not shy about giving his opinion. He loves the snow and really just about everything else he comes into contact with: shoes, dishtowels, the cat... He just got his second round of vaccinations before Christmas which just leaves one more rabies shot at 4 months...Rose     12-08


Stephanie & Len,

I just want to say how pleased we were with your farm, you two, and your son.
You can tell you take great care, effort, and pride in what you do for the breeding of the dogs. Even though it was a long trip; it was worth seeing what a great environment Brody came from, getting to meet you all, and hearing you talk about the dogs and the love
you put into your breeding program. We are so glad we found The Hitching Post
and Brody, his breed and personality is a great fit with our family. I will definitely
recommend your farm to those that are looking for a large breed dog, and who
I think would give the proper care and provide the proper environment.




Cosmo and McIntire 2008 "Fur Ball" event for Paws Black Tie Affair Chicago, IL

             McIntire from 2007 litter                       McIntire's first birthday!      

Chicago neighbors "Cosmo" and "McIntire", both from The Hitching Post Farm,  go to day care together during the week.  These are some candid shots when they first met.  It's great having a Berner as your Buddy.  It's even better when they live next door!



Dear Shari,
    I just wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed our Berner pup, Leo. The last year and a half have been delightful. He has a wonderful disposition and is truly a gentleman. I'm looking forward to sending you pictures of Louie, our 10 week old Newf pup from Tusk and Farra's
February litter. Crate training and house breaking are going well. I'm just thrilled with him!
    Thank you so much -
Lisa Martorano
Lake Zurich, IL


Hi Shari:
Just an update on the puppies. Well, we could not have 2 more different personalities than these two.. Daisy May is ruling the roost, & Zeus just takes it in his stride. They had their 2nd lot of shots on Thursday, & Zeus weighed in at almost 29lb, while Daisy May was just over 24lb. They are great fun to be around, & we couldn't be without them now. Thanks so much!!


Daisy May-sister

Well, the little monsters are still giving us enormous pleasure. they are growing up before our very eyes. At the moment they are digging holes everywhere, then bringing their not so small muddy paws into the house. They also play a game called hunt the missing shoe!! But having said that, we love them dearly, & could not imagine our lives without them.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  We LOVE the latest addition to the family.  Maggie is growing like a weed and rejuvenating our older dogs.  She and Callie, our Westie, just wear themselves out playing.  Maggie is our little bear cub.  Well, at least for a little while anyway.  She is SO SMART!!  Already she is better house trained, I think, than Callie!  She just runs in and out of that doggie door like a pro!  She loves it out there, because itís been so nice a cool.  She only wakes up about once around 5:00 in the morning, and when I walk her downstairs, she just goes out, does her business, and is ready to go back to bed!

Sheís also become the mascot at the coffee shop.  EVERYONE just LOVES her.  When we donít take her, people are MOST disappointed! 

I was a little distressed when I found out I was getting a THIRD dog and not a little one at that, but I have to say, she is so sweet, so loving, and so playful that she is a joy to have around.  Weíre going to start taking her to doggie day care as soon as she gets her rabies shot next week so that we can make sure sheís totally socially trained to be with other dogs.  I have NO DOUBT that wonít be a problem, but you know Curt!! J

I just canít tell you how much we loved meeting you guys and visiting Fairmount (Hey! Did you know James Dean is from there???  Curt made me say that!).   If you remember correctly, I almost didnít give you a hug when we left, because I just felt like I was going to be seeing you the next day or next week!  That is how comfortable and part of your family you made us feel. 

If you ever need to use us as a reference, weíd be happy to sing your praises!!  Many thanks and best wishes for more beautiful puppies and families in the future.

Janet and Curt- TX


Maggie in April 2008


Rylee has transitioned quickly and has already made herself at home. She weighs 12.8 lbs at 9 weeks and already understands "do you want to go outside".

She is my constant shadow and always at my heels. Her personality really steps up a notch when she goes outside. She prances around and really comes to life. No leaf is safe! She has basically gotten over being shy and is exploring all rooms in the house now. Our son's Berner is 7 mos and last nite they met for the first time. Lots of laughs for us as they played tug with the chew toy. The video is hilarious. Today was her first time out in the snow and we'll do pictures when she gets up from her NAP. Love her to pieces!

J & M Pecor
Cicero, IN

Little Rylee and her other Hitching Post friend Forrest

Rylee is the calmest puppy I have ever had! So relaxed and sweet natured. Reminds me so much of the St. Bernard/German Shepherd mix I had 20 years ago. I thought that was the best dog ever, but Rylee ties for sure.

She has a basket of toys that keeps her occupied but she doesn't live to chew. Yeah! (Hope I don't knock my head against a wall later for saying that) She is growing like a weed and always makes us laugh and smile. She is so faithful and is always in the same room as I am, even if she has to come and look for me.

We have our special cuddle time every morning when I let her out of the kennel. She won't eat, drink or go outside until we've had that time.

Amazingly adept at walking on the leash. Of course, she has to HOLD it in her mouth. She kinda grunts because she has to breathe only from her nose. Once she gets tired out on the way home she releases it. Never pulls me though and I never have to coax her. I take her everywhere and am not sure if she is just a sleepy dog or if she has motion sickness. She is never concerned when I get in and out of the car and just lays there and sleeps. Last week I took her to a bridal shower and kept checking on her. It was the first time she sat up and waited for me to come back. Never even thinks about chewing on the seat or console. Of course she was the hit of the party when they invited her in at the end.

She would make an excellent therapy dog and I had thought seriously about nursing homes when I first got her, but we are so busy I don't think I could fit one more thing in. But she sure has the disposition for it.

I can't imagine ever having another breed of dog. I am so over the moon with Rylee. The Hitching Post Family Farm ROCKS!!




Mac and the McCarthy's Christmas 2007- Indiana



Murphy is doing great! I took Murphy to the vet this week for his final shots.  He weighs 48 pounds and is getting very big.  He is still very mellow and is such a sweet pup. Here is a picture of Murphy and Gertie.  They are two peas in a pod.
               -Belle Berners-IN

Gertie from Belle Berners and Murphy from The Hitching Post Farm

Murphy at 1 year

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how our Murphy is doing. Murphy is now 18 weeks old and weighs 46 pounds. Murphy has steadily gained 2-4 pounds per week. He gets his Nu-Vet every morning. and is eating about 1 1/2 cups of food 3 times a day. We have him on Heartguard and a flea preventive.  As you can tell from the attached pictures he is growing so quickly. He has adapted so well and has become a major joy in our lives. I can not imagine our lives with out him. We stay at the lake on the weekends and he has yet to take to the water as you can see in the attached picture. We take him out on the boat and he loves to ride with the wind in his face.  He loves to ride in the car as long as he has the air conditioning blowing on him. He has to have his fan on at night and the radio on when we leave. He loves to chase butterflies and birds.  He has received all of his shots and he has graduated puppy class. (The classes were to socialized the puppies and basic obedience.) It did not take Murphy long to realize that everyone in the puppy classes had treats. When it was time to let the puppies play Murphy would first visit with everyone in class to get his treats and then he would play. It looked as though he was working the food line line.) Our vet and his staff love Murphy and he enjoys going there because the staff spoils him. We have taken him on a trip to WVa. and he did great. He has been one of the easiest dogs to train. He sits, stays, shakes, high five, and lays down on command.  Housebreaking is going extremely well. He has only had a couple of accidents since we have brought him home. Two were because he went to the door and I thought he was just looking out the window and I did not let him out. That taught me quickly to let him out. anytime he is at the door. (He has yet to learn to bark at the door when he wants to go out.) He has never tried to chew on furniture or anything that is not his. He has tons of toys and his favorite blanket and pillow that he likes to sleep with. He has started losing his puppy teeth and we are counting the days until his sharp K-9 teeth come out.
Everyone who sees Murphy thinks he is absolutely beautiful and then they will ask what kind of dog he is. Murphy thinks that everyone he meets or sees is there to visit him. He loves people.  We have 2 friends with adult Bernese and Murphy has gotten to play with them and it is amazing to look at them and at Murphy and to think that our little fur ball will soon be as big.
Brian and I want to let you know that we were very impressed with your dogs and your facility. Any one who meets you can tell that you love what you are doing as well as your dogs. We were impressed with how clean the facilities were and how well that you cared for all of the dogs and puppies. If we ever decide to get another dog we will surely come back to you.
The pictures that I am sending range from 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age.

Thanks Shari for our new edition to our family!!! We love him so much!!

Cindy Becraft and Brian Schneider- IN

I just wanted to let you know how Murphy is doing. He is now 8 months old and weighs 80 pounds. We had him neutered in November. He has been enjoying the snow that we have had. He loves to lay in the deepest part of the yard that he can find and would no doubt lay there all day if we would let him. We had an underground fence installed so now he has about 3 acres or more to roam  and play. He continues to surprise us with his antics and lively personality. He is such a joy to Brian and I that we can't imagine life with out him. HE loves to sleep on his half of the bed at night and still requires a fan at night. He is a hit at the groomers and the vet and to anyone who meets him. Murphy I believe feels that people are here on this planet to visit him. He continues to get along with other dogs as well. However he has yet to realize his size when playing with small dogs. Brian and I are waiting for the calmer side of the Bernese to emerge from Murphy because he has so much energy and loves to play. We are grateful that he has never chewed on furniture he has only destroyed his toys. It has become quite the challenge to find toys that will last for more than 5 minutes. We have tried soccer balls, basket balls, and footballs, but he pops them in minutes. Thank goodness for KONGS.  He has been housebroken for several months now and he has free reign of the house when we are away. We have no further need of the kennel. He has been the easiest dog for us to train. We want to thank you again for our wonderful addition to our family.

Murphy has turned 1 year old this May and I thought I would give you an update. He now weighs over 100 pounds and we are two weeks away from completing level one obedience. We still take him to Doggie Day care. He loves going there because he gets to play with other dogs and not to mention he gets to play in the mud as well. He is the perfect watch dog. Since he has been on guard we don't have to worry about any birds in the yard. Murphy feels that it is his job to chase them away. I am sending you a few pictures of him too. The picture of him in the hat was from his birthday party at Doggie Day care and the theme of his party was an Outdoor adventure. One of my favorite pictures of him is the one of him sitting on his red ball. This has because one of his favorite things to do. He sits on all of his toys this way. The trainer feels it is his way of claiming his possessions. We continue to love him more and can't imagine life with out him.
Thanks again for our wonderful companion.
Brian and Cindy Schneider

Murphy at 1 year


I just wanted to let you know how Buster and Maggie are progressing.  When they were at the vet for their final shots Buster went from 23 lbs to 36 lbs and Maggie from 18 lbs to 32 lbs!  Theyíre growing like weeds!  They are absolutely the sweetest puppies ever!  Buster is very laid back and our resident couch potato.  He prefers to watch the others run around and bark at them as they pass him by.  I know the heat has been harder on him and he prefers the cool garage during our afternoon outings.  Maggie is always busy, she hardly ever sits still.  When she gets hot she goes to the water bowl and sticks both front feet in.  One of the funniest things ever was when they discovered toads.  They got close, the toad jumped, and so did they.  I didnít know puppies could simultaneously jump so high!  I laughed so hard I cried!  I could go on and on but you already know how wonderful your puppies are.  Iíve included a few pictures.  Iíll keep you updated on their progress.  Thanks again for trusting me with two of your babies.




Hi Shari,

We are SO enjoying the little monster. She is pure puppy and chews on everything, including people. I told her not to bite my ankles as we were walking on the grass so she she bites my calves and knees and arms!
You did a wonderful job with her as she really does know her name and when called she generally will come..
She's really good about going potty outside. Everytime I take her out she goes, never in the house.
Sunday she was out in the yard with me alot just laying on the grass watching the world go by. The neighbors ran out in the street to get their ball and Forrest stayed. Smart little whip!
Pretty soon I won't be able to pick her up like a baby, she is growing like a weed and getting heavy and tall already. Everyone who meets Forrest falls in love with her. She is a precious addition to our family.      -Pecor-IN


Forrest is doing GREAT and everyone LOVES her. She plays fetch and tug and obeys the command "Down".
She had her last shots and weighed in at 32 lbs.
Tyler had her at the river for a couple of hours and she loved it, which is good since we live on a lake! He is still building his house so he hasn't had alot of time to teach her tricks but she is very intelligent.

Forrest is doing great and we LOVE her SO much!

Forrest at 5 months

                                                     Forrest Christmas 2007


HI Shari, hope you and your family are having a great summer. Goose is doing
great and is about 30 pounds now. He loves everyone he meets as well as
with other dogs.

Goose loves to play football, soccer, basketball (in addition to his aviary diet!)
He also chased two deer today that came by our house.
Take care.  -McGannon-IL




Hi Shari,
He is doing so well, Nick will be thrilled with him when he gets to spend some time with him tonight.  He did go with me this morning to meet him & fell in love too. He is wonderful, love him already!!!  Totally mellow & calm and  loving.
Thank you for the little guy.       -Fargo- MO



We have been having so much fun with the puppies that I haven't had time to write to you.  They are doing great and are so sweet.  Newfie loves to splash the water out of his water bowl.  Typical Newfoundland.  Jazzy is such a sweetheart.  The vet said they are both in great shape and she said they are beautiful. Thanks so much!         -Mascaro-LA

Jazzy and Newfie Christmas- 2007


Thanks Shari!
Lexie is doing great!? She is a real sweetheart and very smart.? She fits in well with the family!    -McLean- Canada


          Wanted you to know that I took Charley for his 12 week shots this morning....EVERYONE at the vet's office is IN LOVE with him!  Everything is going really well...friends and neighbors are amazed at how well he listens to us....Wesley and Charley are the best of buddies!  Thank you so much for our new member of the family!                    -Carruth- IL



Charley at 7 mths- Christmas 2007


How can we ever thank you for our new little family member. McIntire is the greatest dog, he keeps us laughing at all of his antics everyday. He is still chasing the cats a bit but knows when to stop and let them go  to another room. They should all be friends soon. Sam the cat comes in to investigate McIntire while he is sleeping , but Bailey the cat is keeping his distance for now. He goes to a puppy class once a week for playtime with other puppies his age and he has a blast. We both laugh because we have never seen a dog get so much attention as McIntire gets. We go to run errands and it takes us so much longer because he is so adorable and everyone wants to play with him. He is growing right before our eyes, he is already up to 18 pounds at 11 weeks . He is going to be a big boy for sure.
Thank you again for such a wonderful little guy, you raise the best dogs with the best personalities. He is so much fun. We will keep you updated on his progress.
Janie and Strib Koster - Chicago


We just got back last week from out west and McIntire went to Pottycamp while we were gone. Wow he grew so much and is getting so tall. He did fantastic at camp and is fully potty trained now!!! HE sleeps from 9:30 till 6:30, does not chase the cats anymore, just gives them a lick when they walk by:-) He has learned "sit , shake, wait, bang dead, watch me, drop it leave it, off and the beginning of come" I would say we will have a pretty smart little guy. He is up to about 40 pounds at 4 months. We just think he hung the moon in our house!!!
Thanks so much!

McIntire at 4 mths

8 months

"Finally after 8 mths the cat submits!"        Happy Valentines Day 2008

Just thought I would give you an update on Hailey, she is almost 50 pounds, she is so smart and funny. We can hardly tell the difference between the two. she has been a great addition to our family, when it rains her fur curls up so tight she looks so cute, we take them for walks and she plays with everything, she has learned our property and stays well unless she finds the creek! Molly has taken on the mothering role and watches her close. The cat loves her and our bed is pretty crowded!! Just wanted to thank you and we are so very happy with Hailey.


"Liberty is beautiful," that is what everyone who sees her says.  She really is, she's fun to watch and just a really happy girl.  Everywhere she goes with me, people ask "what kind of dog is that?" I've told lots of people where I got her. 

Liberty is a great addition to our family.  Coop (our Irish Setter) thinks she's fun too.  They play and get along really well together.  She also loves to play at our local hardware store with the 2 dogs there.  All 4 run through the store, they have such fun.  She loved playing in the snow, now I'm looking forward to seeing if she likes to swim.  She's growing like crazy.  She is a wonderful girl.  Thank you

                    -Laycock- IN

    Hi Shari, 
    A little more than a year ago we brought someone new into our lives.  She is a really big part of it now.
Liberty is a really good girl.  She was 90+ lbs. at her last vet appointment.  She is quite active, most recently her favorite activity is chasing squirrels with Coop, the Irish Setter.  They love playing together. She still loves playing in the snow. 
    We installed a pet containment fence before we got her, it works great.  She is so smart she learned her boundaries very quickly.  They have about
4 1/2 acres to play on.  Liberty is very attached to my husband and I, we take her with us just about everywhere.  
    I hope all is well with you, and yours.  Continued good luck.  You have wonderful puppies, that grow into even better dogs.  Thanks so much.


We are really enjoying Samson.  Although he wants to chew a lot (no chewing on furniture yet). He is almost house trained.  Just an occasional dribble, but doing really well.  He gets his 16 week shots this weekend and then the next weekend he will be enrolled in a puppy class for 6-8 weeks old.   He is really beautiful.  

Thank you and God bless.      -Hacker-IN



Hi Shari,
We just wanted to let you know that Boomer is adjusting to Connecticut great!  He is such fun and he is so cute that we can barely stand it.  He did great when we picked him up from the airport!!  He has since "come into his own" and is a bit frisky!  He loves to play in the snow with his old brother Bo.  Crate training is going well, but we need to pay more attention when is out of his crate.  He recently had his 12 week vet visit, and he weighs
27.7 lbs!!!  The vet says he is looking great and is very sweet. Thank you for such a great pet and new family member!!!!  We will keep you updated as he grows!!
Have a great spring.       -Greiner- CT  

What a great first year we have had with Boomer!  He is so sweet and loving.  He does have a touch of "fiesty" in him which we love.  He is growing beautifully and he made a great team mascot for this year's Town Champion Softball Team.  Everyone adores him and looks in the car to see if he is with us!  Thanks for a great companion.  He sends his love to you all!!

Boomer at 1 yr.

I just thought I would give you an update on how Haley is doing
She has quite the personality, very sweet, yet she has an bossy side I didn't really expect, any ideas?

She gets along well with our cat and also Molly has accepted her, they play well, but Haley wants to snap and growl, I think she is just testing the waters, we are hopefully getting her to see us as the boss and not her.  Hopefully she will outgrow it.  We  took her for her shot 2 weeks ago and she weighs 28 pounds, our Molly weighs in at 84. Haley is going to be larger, she loves to go in the hummer to town, and to work in the nursery.

Thanks again.      -Goodwin- CA


Bernie is very happy, friendly, playful, lovable and getting big. He likes to drive Lucky (our other dog) nuts occasionally and I think Lucky likes to instigate him too.  He loves to have his belly rubbed.  He loves to go for rides in the car.  He likes to hang his head out the window.  He loves people.  We have taught him alot of tricks (sit, stay, shake, lay down, roll over) Lucky thinks he gets a treat to just for watching, we are trying to figure out what to try next.  We were trying to play fetch today, if only he would bring the frisbee back and let you have it to throw again.  He is a joy, we are happy we have him.  Thank you so much.                    -Brooks-IN


Hi Shari,

I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to touch base.  Our new puppy has been keeping us hopping!  The official name for our new baby is 'Christine's Precious Princess Grayce', (nickname: Gracie but we are spelling it 'Grayce').  She is such a doll!  Grayce fits her perfectly!  It's hard to believe that it has been 6 weeks since we brought Grayce home.  She was an angel on the ride home, slept in our arms all the way!  She is the hit of the family and the neighborhood. 

She's been to the vet 3 times and each time she's the hit of the office.  He said she's a beauty and is doing great!  He was impressed with the care she had as a newborn and the paperwork you provided.  Her most recent visit was this past Monday and she weighed in at 29.6 lbs.  She is growing so quickly! 

Grayce is quite the little smartie.  The second week home, I took her out to potty and she promptly backed her little butt up to the pooper scooper and went right on it!  I wish I had the camera!  She is completely potty trained, and has started ringing the bell to go out to potty!  She 'sits' and 'high fives' already too!  She has warmed her way into Grandpa's 92 year old heart!  She seems to understand that she should take care with him.  They have been best buds from the start!  My daughter Alexis adores her, she couldn't wait to introduce her to her friends (and their dogs)!  It took a few weeks of camping at my feet, but she has found her rightful place in the house - right on my lap!!  She's great with our 2 cats too.  Grayce sleeps with Thumper, she shares her kennel with him.  Buster doesn't care much for puppies so they are warming up to each other slowly.  Grayce loves the frigid weather we are having, it's pretty tough to get her back in the house once she's stepped out into the snow.

Thanks so much for such an angel!  I have attached a few pictures, she is a beauty!  I'll be sure to keep in touch!                      -Strathmann- MO



I wanted to send a quick note to wish you and your family a happy holiday season!  Grayce had a great 1st Birthday!  She had her very own Birthday 'Pupcake' and Pedigree Ice Cream Sandwich.  She thoroughly enjoyed them both!  She has been such a pleasure this past year, she always greets you with a 'smile'!  And smart as a whip, she loves to chew but only chews on her toys!  And when it's bedtime, she puts them back in her toy basket!  I've always had very intelligent pets, but that's a first for me!  And beautiful too!  She turns all the heads on our walks and at the park! 
We love her bunches!! 

Grayce at 1 yr.

This was the first real snow that we had and cupcake absolutely loved it!  She played out in the snow with Katelyn, Jacob and the neighbors 3 kids, ages 8, 6 and 3.  They had a ball.  Cupcake was exhausted!  She was so gentle when she played with the kids.  The neighbors fell in love with her.  We couldn't be happier.  The vet has seen her twice and he just loves her so much.  He said she is very healthy and happy, and that she is very good when he looks her over.  Oh, Im not sure I told you, but Cupcake seems to get the hiccups whenever she gets nervous.  When we hear her hiccupping  we take extra time to make her feel calm and loved.  My husband has fallen in love with her.  He holds her on her back in his arms like a baby, every night for a little while.  Darin said that the only one that greets him when he comes home from work is cupcake-he just loves that.  When he walks in she doesn't maul him or knock him down, she sits down and wags her tail until he hugs and kisses her and knows it's okay to get crazy!!  I never thought I would see him love an animal as deeply as I do. Thanks again for Cupcake we absolutely adore her!            -Brown- IN


Cupcake at 1 year

Yogi is a fantastic big boy! I am in awe of the puppies you raise- I honestly think he is the nicest looking puppy that I have seen in person and am very proud to be owned by him. He has such a great personality to go along with his good looks and appears to be very easy to train- I have not had to put him in a kennel at all (he has had a couple of accidents- but my fault for not paying closer attention) but he seems to have the concept down of going to the door and whimpering and we go out together- he used to come right back in, but the past few days he has decided not to come, so I started giving him treats when I would get him in the house and say the word "treat" and he already has that down now, and all I have to do is tell him "house, treat" and he comes running. Very smart boy!.

I had him weighed last Thursday and he weighed 29.4 pounds at almost 3 mths.

Yogi is absolutely wonderful and perfect, thanks for such a great boy!

       -Northstar Acres- WI  (Berner Breeder) 


Zuri is doing great. The drive home went really well, she was a little
nervous at first but by the time we got on 26 she was asleep.
We went to the vet yesterday morning and the entire staff was in love with
her. I gave your website address to one of the vets because she knows
someone who has been looking for a Berner puppy. She got her second round of
shots along with the Bordetella vaccine. We also signed up for puppy
preschool and will be starting that a week from Tuesday. The vet was really
impressed with the packet that you gave me, especially the yellow sheet with
all of the vaccine information.

Today has been a pretty relaxing day, just playing in the snow and napping.
Thank you so much for everything! I will keep you updated as she continues
to grow. Speaking of which, she has already gained a pound since Wednesday!             -Stoddart- IN

"Did you say we're going to the lake!"


 Zuri isnít quite sold on the heat here in Dallas, but she really loves all the dog parks around. And she is the hit of the park, everyone wants to pet her (but she is more interested in the other dogs rather than the people)
We tried a few different ways to get her to swim, it took about 3-4 weeks before she would get in. The first time that she went swimming she actually fell off of the dock so needless to say she didnít really enjoy it. Then I tried carrying her into the water and just holding her. But what got her into the water on her own was the geese. She saw them, decided that she wanted one and just chased them into the lake. Since then I have trouble keeping her out because it cools her off so nicely.
There is actually a dog park here with lake access, so she still gets to practice her swimming, although not everyday like she did at my parents house.
But she is definitely growing up quick. Its very funny because she has the personality of her mother but the energy level of her dad. Its a very interesting mix. She is also started getting broader. So far she likes Dallas, she especially likes the toads that we see every day on our walk in the mornings.

Hi Shari and family,

Thom and I want to wish you a very joyous holiday season!  We hope you are all doing well.  I am attaching a recent pic of Bosley and Murphy.  They are the best dogs - real pals and we enjoy watching them romp and play together.  This past spring our city opened an off-leash park where they can play with lots of other dogs.  Bosley is very social and playful, Murphy somewhat shy, but both well behaved. 
Thanks for such great companions.
Have a wonderful New Year!
        -Debra and Tom- MN


Shari and The Wallace Family,

It seems like just yesterday that we were there to pick up Doc.  We just absolutely love him!!!  He has become best buddies with our Labs and has turned them back into puppies!  Doc has been the best thing for our son, Ben.  Doc sleeps in Ben's room and Ben can't wait to get home from school to play with him.  Doc goes with me every morning to drop the kids off at school and also with me every afternoon to pick them up.  He has become the unofficial mascot of the school.  All of the kids swarm around him to pet him after school.  No one can believe how big he is already!

In October, Doc won the cutest Halloween Costume Contest at the Broadripple Animal Clinic Party.  He was a sheriff (we knew he would win)! He makes us laugh all of the time and of course when we laugh at him he gives us this "What are you looking at" look which just makes us laugh even harder.  He loves to look for "critters" and sit at the top of the stairs and play "mountain dog."
                       -Patron's- IN

Rio, owned by Sherrie Osborne in Ohio, is a very active participant in The Horse Shoot. He is pictured with the group and by himself benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness month in October 2006.  The theme was "Tough Enough to Wear Pink."  I think Rio looks tough enough!



Our beautiful Laila at 6 mths with her owner Drew (15) bought and paid for himself.  The only puppy out of Marla and Harley 3/06.  We absolutely love her.  People stop and ask us all the time what kind of dog she is and how beautiful she is.  We are so happy to have her as a part of our family.  Thank you for producing such great dogs.    -Ward-IN


Laila as a baby


   What a great addition to our family. Zane is a funny little guy with a ton of spunk and character. We love that he is a "talker" like his Mom Sophie....the kids don't, though. We are starting dog training in our home this week and we have selected a "doggie day care" that came highly recommended. I will keep you updated and send photos often. We love our Zane even more than we thought possible. (P.S. We think he looks like Harley, what do you think?)      Thanks so much for giving us so much joy...  VanUum's   Cincinnati, Ohio  


Christmas 2006

Zane at doggy daycare

Zane at 1 year- 98 lbs

Shari- just wanted to let you know that Mackenzie is doing great. We just love him so much, he is such a great dog. He is adjusting well and enjoying Alaska and the great outdoors a lot. He goes everywhere with me right now, he is
a great little sidekick. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone (He is such a social butterfly.. we brought him  to a youth group gathering at my in-laws of 25 high schoolers and he was in heaven playing with all of them.. he shows not an ounce of shyness!) What a great personality. He went on his first ocean boat ride last weekend and did great, he loves the great outdoors and has gotten plenty of it!  Alaska seems like a wonderful fit for this little guy!!

He loves kids, people, other dogs, chasing cats (we are working on breaking this.. he is doing pretty good!) , he loves treats, tennis balls, walks, playing in the park, rolling in the grass, getting muddy, etc.. etc.. he seems to have lots of "loves" I have only discovered one "hate" and this is carwashes!! He got a little scared by the loud noise... oh he also hates being hot...he acts hot at the hot hot temperature of 70.. good thing this dog moved to Alaska!!

He is enrolled in puppy school and we have started going but he can't go till he gets his 2nd round of boosters and then he will go.
I love taking him out, but it takes me twice as long to get anything done with him because  everyone I meet wants to pet him and ask about him and of course everyone remarks how beautiful and sweet he is.

He is 25.5lbs already, what a little chunk! He is kind of a finicky eater though and I have to bribe him with a little soft Eukanueba puppy food in his hard food to get him to eat  a substantial amount.,, otherwise 2-3 bites and he is off again to play! But he is getting in at least 2 & 1/4 cups a day + plenty of treats.

Thanks again for the wonderful pup! -Huey- Alaska


Mackenzie is doing great up here in Alaska... he LOVES the snow. He wants outside more now in the winter than he did this summer! He buries himself in the snow and loves making tunnels.. funny little guy. Thanks again for our pup he is doing great. Wonderful, wonderful personality. He is getting to be so grown up. He doesn't have to be in his crate much anymore.. he sleeps in our room now (or wherever he wanders to in the night) and has been staying out in the house when we are gone, and has been such a good boy, no messes and he hasn't destroyed anything! He is almost 7 months and just over 70 lbs, and still as cute and sweet as ever.

Macks first Christmas in Alaska-2006

Just wanted to show you how "regal" and manly our little boy was looking these days. He was neutered a few weeks ago.. went fine. They xray'd his hips and said they look really good and that he is at least starting out life with really good hips! 
He is such a joy and still always draws comments from people at the dog park! There are a bunch of BMD's in town and the other day 5 of us were at the dog park at the same time... what a site!  I am getting the puppy itch again... so we will see... I have to convince my hubby first!

Mack at 1 year

Just thought I would let you know how things are going. We named her Nena and she is doing fine. She has been to our vet, she is getting used to our routine, she gets PLENTY of attention, has been for a walk everyday, and if she ever sits still we will get some pictures. Hope all is well and thank you - we just love her!
                              -Drafke- IL

Just wanted to send a picture of Marley - he is growing and is loved by
humans and dogs. The cat is still deciding.

-Caroline Stone-GA

Thanks for entrusting us with one of your special puppies. As you can see, we adore her.  - Beth Groh-WI

Gabbie, our Berner, is growing so fast!  We just love her!  She is the star of the show at her Kindergarten Puppy class.  The trainers thought their next dog would be a Newfie, but since knowing Gabbie, they"re rethinking that decision.  She sits, she comes, she walks on a loose leash and the down command.  Gabbie is so well crate trained, that she'll let us know when she needs to go outside.  Whenever we take her for socialization, she attracts much attention.  We use the clicker/reward training and it is working like a charm as long as we are consistent.  She's so beautiful and loving.  She greets with happy kisses and vigorous tail wagging.


To update you on Katrina, she is growing up too fast, but don't they all...She is happy, healthy and loves the snow.  We are so pleased with her and love her to death, however we joke that she looks a bit like a Saint Bernard from the side cause she's a bit bulky.  She is such a type A personality, that to get her to sit still for a picture is a miracle!   Nevertheless, we are so glad she is in our lives.                           -Johnson- SD

8 weeks

9 months

It's been such a wonderful pleasure working with you.  Thank you for all you have done to ensure a wonderful Berner puppy.
            -Lisa Johnson-ID

I know that it has been a LOONNG time, but I wanted to let you know what a joy our Ashlynn is!  I was relooking at your site and saw her puppy picture (2005) and my heart was all warm and fuzzy all over again!  She is the BEST dog and even my dad prefers her over most of his grandchildren.  She is the only real grand dog.   Her personality fits so well with our home.  In  fact she has SO much personality.  She is so funny when she rolls her eyes at me then winks at the kids.  They laugh hysterically like they share some private joke.  We currently have a lot of snow, so Ashlynn pulls the sled for the kids when we take her out on walks.  When I got her I had one son, but now am in the process of adopting another, as well as taking care of a 3 year old foster boy.  All the boys have special relationships with her.  it is great!  My three year old gets right in her face and nose to nose will say, "Are you my pumpkin Ashlynn?"  It is very cute!  I have had numerous young (2-3 year old) children in my home.  Outside Ashlynn will run at them full force stopping just short of running them over.  It is amazing to me how she can come at them so fast and hard, yet slow down in time.  It amazes anyone who watches.
Well, I was feeling reminiscent and thought I should e-mail and let you know that Ashlynn was the greatest gift I ever got for our family!

The pups are doing great and really feeling at home. I can't get over how well they are getting along with my older Berner.  They are so beautiful.   -Sabrina Machado-CA

8 weeks

10 months

She's wonderful!  She and Maya are getting along great. Coming from such a large litter Carly seems to be able to hold her own. Seeing them together reminded me of just 9 months ago bringing Maya home from your farm and going through the same things.  Thanks again!                                   -John McNicholas-NY         

It never ceases to amaze me how good natured Maya is.  She is so kind to everyone and other animals.  It seems to me that it would never occur to her to be aggressive with anyone or thing.
I've had lots of dogs, and when playing with them or seeing them around other dogs, there were times that they would growl or become defensive - that trait simply does not appear to be in her personality.
I can't express enough how happy I am with her! 2007

Barkley is doing wonderful.  Everyone can not get over how cute he is and so calm for a puppy.  He is terrific!    -Roths-IN


Barkley is on the right and in the last year we have adopted Jake ( a Hitching Post pup) from a local person that wasn't able to keep him.  They are great buddies.

Winter 2008

He's doing great and we love him so much. He is just the hit of 
the neighborhood. People can't get over what a cute and awesome 
dog he is. He gets a lot of socializing with other dogs and kids 
and is great with everyone. We are so glad we got him.

Sysco is 20 months old now and he weighed in at 115 lbs.  We all love him so much.  He is so good with the children. He is very gentle and has a wonderful temperament.  He is very healthy.  He goes everywhere with us, he's one of the family.  We go for car rides, camping, boating and walks.  He really wants to please us, which he does.  He went to obedience training and can sit, lay down, sit up and stay. Sysco is so gorgeous and cute.  He has a beautiful coat.  He's a great asset to our family and I can't thank you enough for letting us have him.
-Sue Van Ess- Wisconsin

Sysco at 3 yrs.

Hi Shari, Just wanted to send a picture of our family with our beloved Sysco and little brother Jingles. Sysco is doing great. What a dog. He'll be 4yrs. in Feb. '08, and weighs in at 130 lbs. He's a great family dog and a great protector of the family. I feel very safe with him. He's a great watch dog and very loving to the family. The VanEss'-Manitowoc, WI.    

We love Dewey, he is a wonderful dog. He's pushing 40lbs. He loves socks and hates skateboards!   -Adam Dean- CA

Dewey as a puppy

Dewey at 2 1/2 yrs.

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